Drake Gaetano

Love Worth Sharing

Love is not just another four letter word, nor is it only observed on Valentines day. Love is what sustains us through the most difficult of times, and it is the essence of God, or for some – the universe. Either way you choose, the only hope we have to heal the wounds from the tragic events taking place all over America, lies in the hearts of it’s people. That intimacy must be deposited into the hearts of our children, from the moment they are born. A love worth sharing, but first we must discover it within ourselves.

To deny our children of this endearment, is not an option anymore. It’s a necessity. We must move closer to the child in us to understand the true meaning, and the power of this love. Only then can we  infuse this benevolence into the souls of our children. Do we owe them any less?

We cannot allow the media and other evil perpetrators to suck them into a world that they consider the new way of life in America. The idea that anything goes is unacceptable, and we must insist our children will grow up in a safe and loving America. Only through our commitment to love them unconditionally as God loves us, will they will grow up living in a giving world around them.

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