Beyond The Pavement


People, Places, and Things

Contentment comes from mingling with nature, and all of the simple things that exist beyond the boundaries that we impose on ourselves. Small-town gems yet to be discovered that offer whimsical adventures, enchanting getaways, and much more so that we can shed our chains of discontent and calm our minds while becoming grounded within the moment. Such people, places, and things exist abundantly in Central New Yorks Leatherstocking Country that will rekindle your childish sense of wonder. Beyond The Pavement will take you there and give you a taste of what lies ahead with astounding pictures, while unlocking a demonstrative inner voice that will energize the wanderer in you. Whether you walk, bike, or drive, find a child in need and take them along to “feel” the adventure. It will be the beginning of much greater things to come for both of you.


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