For many, prayer is a source of spiritual sustenance. If your fount is candy, it’s likely to make you sick, but you’ll have a good time while it lasts

We are treading on mind fields filled with anger, hatred, and suspicion

Self is contained within the consciously selected thoughts that hold our personality together, but we are not our thoughts, but that which enables them to be.

If opportunity doesn’t come knocking, you may be hiding behind closed doors

Romance is love’s bouquet that springs eternal

Connection changes everything

Music is the rhythmic beat of our life blood

As time goes by, don’t miss the sentimental journey along the way

Leveling the field of knowledge and equality paves the way to one’s field of dreams

A gendered world produces a gendered brain

Memories are like a tiny time capsule that can whisk us away to discover lost islands of childhood exploration

Struggle is worth the struggle

Finding wonder in the ordinary is nothing short of extraordinary

If God is an ocean, then we must be bound to the first wave of disciples to reach the shore. If God is the nighttime sky, then we must be that peaceful star just passing by.

The ocean and its golden sunlight cloaks me in its tender warmth, while the sky turns into a multitude of watercolors of lilac, crimson, and sparkling sapphire. What is this place? It’s a whole other world.

Sitting on the edge of old age allows us time to lament over our youth and weep.

Rather than set a trap of always being right before others, extend a hand of openness, consideration, and compassion.

At the end of a long pilgrimage filled with immeasurable moments of struggle, heartache, and joy, rests the sublime soul of a mother fully prepared for an encounter with God.

Hope makes mountains rise above clouds of discontent

Seek the wisdom of the ages, but look at life through the eyes of a child

The power of touch can profoundly strengthen human connection

She danced up to the looking glass lying on her nightstand and gazed upon sunny fields of children changing memories into raindrops to be saved for a stormy day

Quiet walks and noisy fun sanction the need not hurry the day while leaving tomorrow behind to sparkle and shine

It is only through constant prayer that we can remove the pain from the thorns in a rose garden

Time is the one thing that everyone has to give, it waits for no one, only the things that are worth waiting for

Those who love the deepest get hurt the most

Silence can lend itself to mistrust

Don’t move inside of yourself to hide, do so to heal, grow, and flourish.

Never let a bad day make you feel like you have a bad life.

When you feel like giving up there’s someone you met along the way that wants to be just like you.

When you fall, stand tall

Life is an individual thing

Never substitute a strong will with an easy way out

Sometimes you have to go through a back door to open a closed mind

Doubt is the eventual betrayer of faith

When we find the one thing we want we’ve found everything we need

Our search begins and ends in the church

The only person who can capture the true essence of a woman is her hairdresser

Life isn’t about loss, it’s about what we gain from it

If you want to know your real worth visit a church

Actions may speak louder than words but “I love you” can live deep in your heart forever

The world is only as big as the man inside of himself

Let freedom ring into the hearts that know pain

Labels separate us from knowing the true self-worth of others

It takes a clear concise answer to find truth, peace, and love, not an infusion of doubt, deceit, and lies

Some gaze at even the smallest of successes and smile. Others lie in dismay on a trivial pile of unpublished manuscripts.

A powerful soul can heal a troubled mind.

The will of a girl and her horse can never be separated, to that, there is no debate. The spirit of the “one” can never be negated, an esteemed veneration sealed in fate

The life of a Teddy Bear is not always a picnic

Life’s longest journey is from our head to our heart

You can never go back to the place from which you came, but if we reach out far enough we can touch a galaxy of stardust.

A blind man with a stick has only a shaded vision of life

Love, romance, purpose, and things of beauty are keepers of the past

Hollyhocks, honey bees, butterflies, and a potting bench are American treasures

Life begins with your first step beyond the pavement

Music is the language that will bring us closer to the infinite that lies a touch beyond this world

Sometimes love is as elusive as a butterfly without wings

Don’t close the book, just turn the page

Life is your own personal garden. Plant seeds and flowers filled with the love of a multitude of colorful beginnings

When you do nothing, you become nothing

When you close a door of opportunity, you’re shutting out humanity

Some build bridges by themselves, only to walk alone to the other side

Romantic love is the only worthwhile addiction

Writers paint beautiful pictures in your head

Coffee and flowers can while away the hours

A good neighbor and a vivid flower garden look best behind a white picket fence

Division is only useful when trying to solve a problem in math

Walking in shoes of deep faith will crush fear every step of the way

Baby steps from the cradle will walk us through the firestorms of life

When everything else in life fails you, go back to your “settings”.

The necessary tools to repair a damaged self, lie scattered within the confines of one’s brain

The causes of our discontent run deeper than our indifference

Since the very beginning, it’s been about good vs evil, love vs hate. Still is

Knowledge is fear’s most dreaded enemy

Somewhere in your silent night, hang robes of pure white

Too soon we forget, not to be forgotten

Freedom of the soul will choose between a deep abyss or crystal peaks

A leap of faith is far better than being stuck in a pair of cement shoes filled with doubt.

The damaged child is hidden deep within the layers of human suffering

Now’s the time to take a step back- barefoot

Needn’t we stop and entertain the messengers we meet along the way?

“Never give up just let love have it’s way with you”

We need to get to know each other better; page by page

A dead end is just another place to turn around.

Memory Lane is but a one-way street

The best scripts have the best players

Blood may be thicker than water, but struggle makes a stronger connection

When caught up in the moment, make it last a lifetime

Don’t let bad weather put out a soul on fire

Walk through life as though time has stood still

Laughter is a beautiful symbol of humanity

When you can’t see life as it is, let faith be your guide

There are things in life that make the heart sing and the soul to soar

When we walk hand in hand, one has a tighter grip

A hug should last as long as necessary

Walk lightly through a dangerous mind field

Life can be filled with etched glasses or empty paper cups

Don’t go inside of yourself to hide, go there to heal. grow, and blossom

Silence and kindness can lend itself to mistrust

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