Books are bound pages with words Words that can make us happy Ones that can make us cry But we never understand why They can lead our heads, hopes, and fantasies To places far and wide Off into the distance to the distant past But they leave our hearts and souls behind To sit on […]

Morning sits on the doorstep of destiny A threshold of departure and transition Or one of the footsteps of our ancestors  From one place to another Without boundaries The breeze of the dawn is the pulse of a new day That can lead us to paths of eternal righteousness  Far beyond our restrictions and limitations Without […]

Imposters are people who impersonate someone else, while a pretender claims to be someone far exceeding their true identity. On the other hand, a contender is someone who aspires to reach a certain accomplishment or status, to overcome a great obstacle, or to defeat a dreaded adversary. Becoming an imposter or a pretender are easy […]

The Dawning Of A New Day And A Renewed Leap Of Faith When I first saw this picture it was as though I was being transported back in time when some argue that time never existed; when there was nothing. It was an instantaneous moment when I knew I needed to write about it in […]

My Darling Soldier Girl Is a source of pride and joy She marches with the best of them Keeps up with the soldier boys My Darling Soldier Girl Loves country, friends, and family She’s capable and confident There’s nothing she can’t be My Darling Soldier Girl Reaches for the moon and sky She’s bright, brave, […]

Brotherhood and Sisterhood signify an inseparable bond forged by mutual love, respect, and solidarity among genders that can often last a lifetime. Although both signify deep connection, they differ primarily in the focus of their prescribed relationships.These bonds can be found in friendly relationships, fraternities, and social and professional organizations aimed toward men. On the […]

Mother’s Day began as a women’s movement to better the lives of all Americans. Its forgotten origin springs from two lifelong activists who championed efforts toward better health, welfare, and peace. The origin of a national Mother’s Day is primarily attributed to three women: Ann Reeves Jarvis, Julia Ward Howe, and Ann’s daughter, Anna M. […]

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