The undercurrent of idealism within the boundaries of American history, and the spiritual life that cherishes freedom and its desire to protect it at all costs has been weaked over the last several years. Freedom has always been highly prized in America, paid for in blood, sweat, tears, and the sacrifices of many. Today, we risk, […]

An eclipse is defined as an obscuring of the light from one celestial by the passage of another, between it and the observer or its source of illumination. From the perspective of the clockwork of our universe to many observers throughout the world, it is nothing more than the alignment of three bodies, the earth, the […]

Spring is here Easter it brings Peace to our hearts The children sing  Rise thy heart Thy Lord has risen Sing his praises Celebrate his power with love to behold   A fresh heart A clean heart That forgives the past True love that lasts He is meek He is mild He came as a little […]

At age 65, I possessed a rather rare and intense awareness and clarity that made me feel like I could go on living forever. All of the struggles and disappointments that I encountered didn’t make me lose my faith in God, humanity, or my life’s purpose. I felt that if I followed the teachings of Jesus I would become a better […]

Spring is a season of contemplation, vigor, and renewed visual and mental intensity. A season that awakens our senses while opening our eyes to see the glorious palate of subtle hues of yellow, sky blue, and blush that surrounds us. Spring reminds us to live in the moment, to feel how precious life is, and that all the good things we […]

Dear God, I give this day to you, the fruit of my labor, and the desires of my heart. In your hands, I place all questions, on your shoulders, I place all my burdens. I willingly correct my thoughts when they drift from you. I pray for our human family that we find our way […]

Country music has a long history of deep roots steeped in Americana, like baseball, apple pie, Chevrolet, the American flag, and so on.  Many times we can’t get a song out of our heads, and it can also quickly disappear, but in some people, it remains like a picture show inside their heads forever. Whenever […]

You’ve probably never given any thought to what life might be like for a man living and working in a woman’s world. However, if you were to ask G. Edwin Crandall, you might be enlightened by what he has to say. He is what a man should be: idealistic, sensible, good-humored, dashing, witty, sensual, genuine, and […]

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