Birds Eye View of Dolgeville, NY – Photo by Shannon Borst Photography

The winds of change are blowing, and they’re being moved along by a gentle breeze in the storied village of Dolgeville New York right now, and the shift in the weather is not the only thing going on there. Along with good old-fashioned family values that we have treasured for generations, unique family-owned shops, manufacturing, and much more are beginning to pop up all over town, the countryside, and the entire surrounding area. You will meet some very determined and personable people who still believe that some of the greatest treasures are often found in small and out-of-the-way places. No matter what the season, there is a reason to take a drive there, and return home with a full and cozy cup of what it means to be a part of Central New York Leatherstocking Country. All roads will lead you there, and it’s only an hour and fifteen-minute drive from Syracuse. Take your time and travel along some of the back roads, and you will embrace some of the most breathtaking beauty that the foothills of the Adirondack mountains have to offer. You can take the people out of Dolgeville, but you can’t take Dolgeville out of the people who live there (or anyone who comes for a visit). Drop by, relax, and take a part of their unique offerings and their storied history back home with you and remember to come back often. The changes you will see when you return will thrill you!

Aerial view of Dolgeville photo credit: Shannon Borst photography

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