Poet Voices

Here you will find poems that articulate the essence of the poet. They will make you realize you are not alone in what sometimes seems like a disconnected and obscure world—that your bliss and suffering are shared even though forever all your own. 

The intention of the poet is to (in some way) reconcile us to our world; to allow us a measure of tenderness and grace by which we may live. It is not to have us accept the world at its face value or to dwell on the things that are wrong, but to reconcile us in a larger sense, to return us to love, the province of imagination, and to expand the scope of our mortal lives.

Poetry, at its core, is an attempt to interpret what is deeply felt and is essentially inescapable, a rhythmical composition of everything beautiful. Its soul is ambitious, intense, and sweeping. It is indeed something divine—the root and blossom of other systems of thought. From poetry, all things spring eternal, and it adorns all the expressions of the imagination. It is conjoined with the origin of man.   

The poet turns every dark tear of the soul into beads of perception to help us to find the blessing in every curse. Poetic expression is something fine, admirable, and valuable like the words of the poet Emma Lazarus that were inscribed in a tablet at the base of the Statue of Liberty in 1883:

“Give me your tired your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.” 

The poet’s words make us laugh, cry, and wonder what and why—a mirror that makes beautiful that which is distorted. Poetry is an invisible thought giving expressive words new life. It fills the empty basket into which we put our lives and makes something out of it. It answers the question of how to live. 

“The Power of a Word”

From the pen and perspective of Carol Wood/ Platoon Nana:

my mother always said the pen
is mightier than the sword
that nothing’s quite as powerful
as the written or spoken word

if you choose to wield a sword
against your enemy
it won’t take long before you learn
how powerless you’ll be

but press a pen into the hand
of an impassioned man
he’ll take a cause beyond his reach
as no confrontation can

oh, the power of a word
to destroy or edify
a word can make a child a giant
or make a grown man cry

so choose your words with thought and care
and serve them like a treat
so when you have to eat your words
you’ll find that they are sweet

© Carol Wood aka Platoon Nana