Poet Voices

“Precious Gifts”

From the pen and perspective of Carol Wood/ Platoon Nana:

I thought about the most precious gift,
I pondered what it could be,
‘Tis simple, it’s the gift of life
T’was the answer that came to me

So what’s the most precious gift of life
Quizzed my searching, wee small voice
‘Tis simpler yet, the answer came,
It’s the awesome gift of choice

For all the evil and the good
Is conceived in the heart of man
all joy and grief, all war and peace
Executed by the human hand

We may not choose the hand we’re dealt
Or the trials that come our way
But how we handle every test
Is a choice we make every day

The choice to smile, the choice to cry
The choice to give or take
The choice to live, the choice to die
All choices we make

So make your choices carefully
Give thought because we know
That we will harvest every crop
And reap the seeds we sow

© Carol Wood aka Platoon Nana

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