Drake Gaetano

The Patriotism Of Diversity

There is a word circulating within America today, which is often used to describe the body and soul of a person who believes that America is worth saving. That word would be ‘patriot’. Those of us who claim to be patriots are proud to defend our beliefs associated with this word. Patriots are considered to be of good moral value, encapsulating many attributes- among them goodness, kindness and courage. To be a patriot is to be aligned with what is morally right, which is the ability to understand and distinguish right from wrong.


However, to be a patriot and to disagree with some one else’s point of view, should not exclude them from your definition of the words best used to describe a person who is patriotic. Today, such exclusion has played a damaging role in creating a sharp division, that has produced a chasm between those who may have opposing views.

This is commentary which must lead us to an understanding of the essential goodness that most human beings carry. We must also understand, there are others who may share a different point of view. Today, such exclusion plays an equally damaging role, causing a polarization in American political life that has caused a schism of vast proportions between those who hold different philosophical views. The definition of patriotism over many years has come to mean a variety of things, some of which are stronger in some than others.

Among the things that one may include in their definition of what it means to be a patriot are among the following:

Love for one’s country and belief she is worth saving

Commitment to the ideals upon which she was founded

Hope for the future of the nation

Desire to rectify past mistakes that have been made

Faithfulness to the Constitution

Belief in all things right

As patriotic Americans, we must ask ourselves this one question. Is America worth saving? If the answer is yes, we must see to it that this new commitment to the ideals of America are not the same approval of her practices in the past or the present. We must ask ourselves what role do we play in this country worth saving.

America is not one thing, she is many things. And being a patriot is not one thing, but many. The new patriotism that America needs is one that will be based on diversity, honesty and trust. With these values, and wearing the banner of hope, sound ideals, and a good sustainable moral code, we may come to the realization that yes – indeed she is worth saving. We need to do this not for future generations alone, but more importantly, for the people who lived before us and laid down their lives so we may know the true meaning of liberty.

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    Lauren Melnikow says:

    Acting from compassion, we connect with what we all have in common. The danger lies in acting from the small self, focusing on the “other”- creating those sharp divisions you mention.

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