Drake Gaetano


We are living in a world that to seems to be a world without connection. I am not referring to the world of being connection by technology, but the world of being connected to each other. My belief is that all of us are neo-biologically wired to feel this oneness. There is only one reason we deny the most powerful human emotion called love to grow. We are afraid to reveal our vulnerability.

With all this data without a soul, our perception of life tends to believe-if you can’t measure it, it doesn’t exist. This allows us to become disconnected from each other, and prevents us understanding the true meaning of being human. That would be– to make someone else’s life better.


Life is messy, love it anyway

Don’t jump into discomfort, lean into it

Have the courage to be imperfect

Connection is why we are here, it gives real meaning to our lives

We believe we are worthy of love, but fear that we are not worthy of connection

Find that compassion to be kind to yourself first — then you can give to others

As a result of our own authenticity, we will gain a compassion connection to others around us

Fully embrace “vulnerability”, believe that what makes us vulnerable-also makes us beautiful

Vulnerability is not comfortable, but it’s necessary

Letting someone in so far they could hurt you, will allow them to give you their everything

Vulnerability is the willingness to say I love you “first”-with no guarantees you’ll get it back

We sometimes try to numb being vulnerable, but we can’t selectively freeze our emotions

There are no assurance’s in life, but let yourself be seen, and love with an open heart

Opening up our vulnerability, is the birthplace of love,life, joy, and belonging to God…

    Lauren Melnikow says:

    Yes- our true nature IS compassionate. Spiritual practice is to experience for ourselves that this is the case. Once we know for ourselves, we naturally extend that compassion to others.
    And yes, we are all worthy…just as we are.

    I appreciate you mission in putting this message out there, Drake.

  1. Lauren Melnikow says:

    Yes- so many of us were brought up to only let the “best” be seen by others. It takes attention, effort and time to break that programming. How freeing, in the end, to just let all of ourselves be seen!

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