Drake Gaetano


                    There are still some of us hippies walking around; older but wiser now. We still walk in the truth, rather than blindly accepting what the establishment tells us to believe in.

                 Before the hippies there lived a generation of young people who gave birth to non- conformity; they were called Beatniks. They dressed in black, wore berets and sandals for the most part, and called coffee houses their meeting place.

                 A generation that made a difference in the world of the day. Today, we only get hints of the current generation’s awareness of global warming and going green. They are for the most part quiet; nothing like the beatniks and hippies before them. Perhaps once they look away from their weapons of mass distraction, they will see their destiny. Until then, we shall remember the beatniks and hippies as cultures that not only wanted change-but created it.

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