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Drake’s Picks

Here are my featured Picks, which showcase people, places and things in Leatherstocking Country:


My revered hometown of Dolgeville, NY

Many people dream that someday they will achieve their lifelong goals, that would be the short story of my life. Now I have an even bigger dream and a much larger goal; to gather a multitude of people to join me in celebrating one of the most beautiful places to live, play, and bring peace to the world --- Central New York --- our home.  It's a place to raise the next generation of young people who care about life, our country, and other fellow Americans. Leatherstocking Country has everything it takes to accomplish that, and our biggest resource is the ...
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I am America

I am America.I am a man of a certain age who still believes in God, the Pledge of Allegiance, truth, and all things deemed good.I am a nation to which the rest of the world must look to find answers.I am picnic baskets waiting to be filled with simple foods prepared by loving hands. I sit quietly and peacefully down by the lake in anticipation of the warm and beautiful sunny days of summer. I am a glorious early spring morning awaiting those who choose to feel and smell me.I am America.I am a mother surrounded by many angels to ...
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“Connection” – Essentially Human

In a world full of disconnected, isolated, and fearful people, what could possibly be more gratifying than knowing how to form healthy relationships and establishing deeper connections? First.. we must know who we are, believe in ourselves, and know where we want to lead. We need to have confidence in ourselves, in order to connect with others. We all know the comforting feeling when we are physically embraced. When we are told that we are loved, feeling heard, emotionally understood, and supported by another human being. We all want to know that someone cares. Human connection is an energy exchange ...
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