May 2021

Thank you for your service,we’ll sleep sound because you’re theresomeone needs to guard our freedoms,and show the world we care those of us with babes in armsor frail from golden agelook to our bravest and our bestwhen there’s a war to wage many can’t defend the causebut we will keep watch and saywe hold you […]

There is a word that needs to circulate more within America to establish the credibility and morality of those who should claim it. The word is “Patriot”. Those of us who claim to be patriots are proud of this allegiance to which we ascribe. It is considered to be aligned with what is morally right. Such things […]

Today, rather than a normal weekly post, i’d like to share a poem that a friend of mine wrote. I would also like to wish all of the mothers out there a very Happy Mothers Day. Mother’s Day Poem: To mother: Families are like trees, with roots hidden from view, anchored by generations of knowledge Fresh […]

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