October 2021

When;you feel forgotten,you feel you’re all alone,you feel like giving up,you feel discouraged and everything’s uncertain,you feel you’re just not good enough. time is slipping through your hands, and you’ve done all you can, and there’s still so much more to dopray and hold on. when you’re about as broken as you can be,when the […]

Give Worry and Anxiety the Boot First, I want to say that I have been blessed late in my life with the God-given gift of writing.  Secondly, for the opportunity to share my gift with you, and the world. Without you, my words would be lost in today’s shift in the translation of “meaningful” words […]

Everything I know I learned from dogs Walking the streets in Eastwood (practical every day for the last seven years) has taught me many things. Maintaining the same route allows me to get the exact amount of exercise I need to keep in shape, clear my cluttered mind and help me through the training process […]

The inner voice of a sixteen-year-old boy Hi everyone, my name is Dante. I am sixteen years old, a junior in high school, and ever since the day I entered middle school I have always been on the high honor roll. After I graduate from high school, I will be enrolled in Lemoyne College. I […]

This is the place; Where the seasons that are four remind us that we sit at the threshold of natures magnificent door Where rivers, lakes, ponds, and trails, wait patiently for our return  Where life is good again once the clouds roll by Where roads and sidewalks lead us to places we call our destiny  Where […]

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