January 2022

“Precious Gifts” From the pen and perspective of Carol Wood/ Platoon Nana: I thought about the most precious gift,I pondered what it could be,‘Tis simple, it’s the gift of lifeT’was the answer that came to me So what’s the most precious gift of lifeQuizzed my searching, wee small voice‘Tis simpler yet, the answer came,It’s the […]

Maybe … men just love differently. From PsychologyToday.com – “I was having one of those “he can’t connect emotionally” conversations. A friend was telling me about her relationship angst over his inability to understand her needs and to talk about his. Even though I’m in research and not therapy, as a psychologist, I get that […]

There’s a dangerous issue that has been sweeping across America for much too long a time.. and it’s that people aren’t dealing with their negative emotions anymore. This needs to change, and the change must begin immediately. America is going through the worst crisis we’ve been through in years, perhaps ever.  Climate change, calamity at […]

Some say you can never go back home again, And that things will never be as good as they once were. I say, what once was still is,  Just close your eyes, walk with happy feet, and you will find your way. Some say I’m dreaming, well let me dream on, Because far beyond a […]

Like the closing of curtains so are the doors of lifeas there was once an opening, a closing there shall also beas there was a beginningthere must be an endclose the door of hostilityopen a door to friendshipclose the door to doubtopen one of hopeclose the door of hatredthe one of love will open itselfif the door […]

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