Morning sits on the doorstep of destiny

A threshold of departure and transition

Or one of the footsteps of our ancestors 

From one place to another

Without boundaries

The breeze of the dawn is the pulse of a new day

That can lead us to paths of eternal righteousness 

Far beyond our restrictions and limitations

Without worrying about squirming or howling 

How did you find out it was day?

Was it the birds who told you night had gone away?

I’m wide awake now

Just like you, I’m up too

I’ll be right out to play with you

It’s another new dawning

A new day new time, renewed hope 

Just in time for us to cope

Just live as you never have

I trust we are not all that bad

So thank the maker for this day

And trust him to make things mighty clear

As the sun rises

and its rays gleam off the morning dew

As the birds chirp away another tune

The aroma of a cup of java fills the air

I see another one of God’s days 

I have to say

Good morning, good morning my lovely praise

For I know it will be one of those days

When we stood at the foot of the hill beneath the scenic overlook that still bonds us together

Always seek the almighty’s blessing

For each day will have its opening glory

What now? What’s next?

It’s a brand new day

Good morning, good morning my love

The sweet smell of glorious days gone by

Capture the memories of my footsteps 

That walked and loved along the streets of Dolge

And long to embrace the waters of love, peace, and eternity along the Mohawk


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  • Naomi

    What a beautiful trip down memory lane I’ve had! I read this three times already! The birds have always told me when it’s day, and they still do. My journey has had a lot of twists and turns but it has made me the person I am today, without changing my core values. Through fifty five years of transitions, from young adulthood to the present, and from Dolgeville to Mohawk, the memories of times filled with adventure, love and God’s blessings will always fill my heart with joy. My life is quite ordinary but becomes extraordinary with all the beauty of nature, countless memories and love that I have. The foot of the hill is symbolic of the foot of the cross, “where I first saw the light!”

  • Amy

    I loved it its how I feel when I step outside my door each morning into Gods glorious creation and Thank Him for the beauty of the new day which always is awe inspiring.

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