Pretender Or Contender

Pretender Or Contender

Imposters are people who impersonate someone else, while a pretender claims to be someone far exceeding their true identity. On the other hand, a contender is someone who aspires to reach a certain accomplishment or status, to overcome a great obstacle, or to defeat a dreaded adversary. Becoming an imposter or a pretender are easy tasks, but to become a contender you need to follow your integrity, embrace what you want to become, and be patient and forthright in your goals. You must be enamored with “true grit.”

Are you a pretender or a contender? Everyone will say they are contenders, but what do their actions say about them? At first glance, pretenders and contenders look the same but that is only on the surface. If we look deeper the difference becomes quite clear.

Contenders hold themselves to the highest standard of integrity: in other r words, they don’t need an audience to make them work hard. They are completely at ease in an empty gym – putting in the time away from the accolades so they can continue to improve. Pretenders, on the other hand, prefer an audience of praise, and won’t endure the pain and sweat without the express admiration and plaudits. Their standards are based on being “good enough” to pass as a hard worker without actually performing the hard work.  Many prefer to just talk about it to seek vibrant acclamation.

A contender never fears that which they can or can not become. Long hours and hard work are what it takes to bring about change. When a contender reaches their long-term goal, they are not the same person they were when they started.  They don’t fear this change, they embrace it.

It takes a long time, a lot of patience, and a lot of sweat equity to realize in the end, it’s all worth it. Pretenders will quit on the first sign of setbacks because they aren’t in it for the long haul. Being a pretender or a contender has nothing to do with your words, and everything to do with your actions and results. If you want to be a contender, you must follow your integrity, embrace what you know you can become, and practice patience along the way. 

Reflecting on things like your work ethic, integrity, and effort, is how you become a better, tougher, honest, and resilient person. It requires you to look closer at your weaknesses so you can strengthen the person you were always intended to be.

Stay tough and never give up my friends!

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  • Naomi

    Well I always try my best to be a contender. Human nature, for some, will require great fanfare for their efforts and accomplishments. I prefer to meditate and pray in a quiet zone and wait to see the results of my fervent requests. The results are not always what I expect them to be but they are the “right” ones! Paying it forward is one of my favorite ways to pass on a little unexpected hope! Filling a local “blessing box” is another. There are many ways we can be contenders. Our chosen professions are a great platform for us to be successful contenders. The environment we create around us will dictate who we are, where we came from and what our legacy will be. Your work ethic, Drake, and your perseverance are a great example to all.

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