Calm The Storm

Calm The Storm

There’s a dangerous issue that has been sweeping across America for much too long a time.. and it’s that people aren’t dealing with their negative emotions anymore. This needs to change, and the change must begin immediately.

America is going through the worst crisis we’ve been through in years, perhaps ever. 

Climate change, calamity at our borders, and Covid. Then there’s divorce, the loss of a loved one, and the loss of a job. The list could go on and on. What makes it even worse is that at the same time we are disconnected and polarized. 

Sadness, anxiety, depression, hatred, and anger, have created a storm of emotions within each of us, but instead of facing this storm of discontent head-on.. we choose to hide behind a wall allowing the problems to fade into false nonexistence. We choose to pretend that all of these negative emotions belong to everyone else but us.

We would much rather choose to pretend things are fine, even though we see the world around us is churning toward chaos. We want to change things but we just don’t seem to know-how. We feel powerless, wanting to help others while asking ourselves what can one person do about it?

When we ask someone how they are, we get the same response; I’m doing great, it’s all good. How about you? It’s not surprising since we live in an age of toxic positivism. That means that we must appear to be happy and cheerful all of the time, otherwise, we won’t be accepted into our society. We humbly accept the idea that by saying those positive affirmations, we will somehow get hit by a bolt of happiness while getting drenched by a waterfall of new friends.

So we just exist, until we realize that denying the way we really feel won’t drive away those powerful negative feelings. Holding them inside only makes it worse, all the while those feelings begin to grow inside of us. 

Then the time comes when we can no longer hide them, and we can’t go on “faking it”. 

We become anxious most of the day and night, while we end up becoming extremely “reactive”. Everything upsets us and all we want to do is yell and blame other people for all the bad stuff out there. All of this takes a toll on your body and your mind. You get sick more often and by then you may question why it’s not good to keep things inside of you or look the other way.

But the question remains;

How do we deal with all of this; what do we do when our negative feelings begin to surface? 

It’s quite simple. 

Don’t suppress or try to turn off your negative feelings. Instead, feel them. Feelings are signals, a way that our bodies let us know that our security is being threatened. You may get angry because you felt you were treated unfairly or you may feel guilty when you think of harming others, or feel sadness when you lose someone or something you love.

If you move away from those feelings, you won’t be able to hear and feel what your body is trying to say to you. Learn and practice how to get in touch with your “self”. Let the real you become aware of the state you’re in. 

Allow yourself to fully feel that emotion and ask yourself; why are you going through that emotion, what caused you to feel that way? The rest won’t be easy but with time and practice, you will overcome your negative thoughts. 

This may seem hard, but like opening up your vulnerability, it’s “necessary”! Once you continue practicing with consistency, gradually, you will become free. No more hiding frustrations and resentment. In time you will gain access to your emotions on a deeper level, and find out where they are coming from, and in the middle of the storm, your mind will never darken again. 

Once you discover “calm’, you will clearly see the next steps to take that are right for you and discover how to overcome your negative emotions and live a simpler and more meaningful life.


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  • Kathleen

    Love this. I believe this to be true. I always tell people, sit with your feelings, own them and then let them go. 🥰

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