December 2022

The foremost essentials to happiness for children in this life are things to do, to love, to hope for, and things eternal. When the voices of the angels are stilled, when the evening star is gone, when the monarchs are home, when the shepherds are back with their flocks, the spiritual work of Christmas past […]

The hills of Christ are Holy The fields of Christ are fair For one can find the footprints  Of Jesus everywhere One finds them in the twilight Beneath the singing sky Where the shepherds watch in wonder White planets wheeling by His trails are on the hillsides And down the dales and deeps He walks the high […]

Christmas is a heavenly star that rises, sets, and shines on humanity  for all eternity. Christmas is not a day or season, but a condition of heart and mind. Its the day that God walked down the stairs of Heaven with a baby in his arms. The most amazing thing about Christmas is its relevance. It is […]

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