Christmas Alchemy

Christmas Alchemy

Christmas is a heavenly star that rises, sets, and shines on humanity  for all eternity.

Christmas is not a day or season, but a condition of heart and mind.

Its the day that God walked down the stairs of Heaven with a baby in his arms.

The most amazing thing about Christmas is its relevance. It is not simply a lovely tale once told, but an eternally contemporary voice crying out in every wilderness.

May we not spend Christmas, that we may keep it, that we may be kept in its hopeful peaceful slumber.

Christ Jesus came to us so that through him who emptied his love and mercy upon us, we might be filled with peace and joy in returning to him.

May the holy star grow brighter every year and send its glorious beams afar to fill the world with eternal light.

Christmas is the time that the world widens its love by starlight and the whole wide world turns selfless for a day — when the mind reaches stars beyond the limits of human reason.

He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find a kindling of it under a tree.

This is the miracle of Christmas — that a babe can be so decisively human.

I do love Christmas  — to me it’s like a Gothic ruin come to life for twenty-four hours in every land, in every age.

Only prayer can take away the thorns for a rose garden and the pain and humiliation from a crown of thorns.

Blessing my dear friends,

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  • Naomi

    Beautifully said! We need to have the Christmas spirit all the time. For me, Christmas giving revolves around family and those in need. This year I was approached to help out with children removed from a hostile environment. They lost everything. My heart aches for them but I pray, that with God’s help, I can give them some hope and faith and show them that someone cares❤️ Blessings to all and let’s pass it forward!

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