“The Holy Hills”

“The Holy Hills”

The hills of Christ are Holy

The fields of Christ are fair

For one can find the footprints 

Of Jesus everywhere

One finds them in the twilight

Beneath the singing sky

Where the shepherds watch in wonder

White planets wheeling by

His trails are on the hillsides

And down the dales and deeps

He walks the high horizons

Where vesper silence sleeps

He haunts the lowly highways

Where human hopes have trod

The Via Dolorosa 

Up to the heart of God

He looms, a lonely figure

Along the fringe of night

As lonely as a cedar

Against the lonely plight

The hills of Christ are holy

The fields of Christ are fair

For one can find the footprints

Of Jesus everywhere 

I have loved to hear my Lord spoken of, and wherever I have seen the print of his feet in the earth, there I have coveted to put mine also

When Jesus comes, therein the shadows of death shall depart

It is the light that enables us to see the difference between things, and it is Christ who leads the way 

Blessings my dearest friends, 

Crown the year with your goodness

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  • Naomi

    I am so touched by this composition. It reminds me of “Footprints in the Sand.” We are never alone with our Lord by our side. And when there’s only one set of footprints, it’s because He is carrying us🙏❣️

  • Jan

    Absolutely beautiful, thank you. You truly are gifted in your writings.

  • Carol Tyler

    You certainly have a way with words.

  • Jan

    I love this, truly beautiful God has blessed you with an amazing gift for writing I shared this on Facebook Thank you for sharing your gift

  • Drake

    Hi Jan, thank you for your kind words. I always need encouragement!

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