Drake Gaetano

Watching and Waiting

It’s time to ask the question — what is it that defines us? A simple question, without an easy answer. Most of us would have to think about it for awhile, before we come up with a solution that is relevant. Are we living an authentic life that identifies the real us, the person we were created to be — or the fictitious self, the one everyone expects us to be?



We may not know the explanation, because we can only find our unlimited self at our absolute core. The problem is, we don’t know how to get there. Until then, we will find ourselves incomplete, existing with a hole in our soul, desperately trying to fill the void with stuff. That never works. We must unlock 
our innate ability to think for ourselves, and peel away the layers of confusion, doubt, and distraction. Then we will find the designed answer, and space for doing the right thing. It is there we will find our self, and a portal to eternal love.

    Lenny says:

    This is great stuff. Makes a TON of sense. Tell us more!!

  1. Janice LukowskiI says:

    I agree, material items are only a short-term fix.

  2. Lauren Melnikow says:

    Yes! When we do “get there,” we realize we are already…pure compassion. You mentioned that we don’t know how to get there. For myself, and others I know, zen meditation continues to be a way 🙂 All the “stuff” you mention just peels away…

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