Born To Be Ageless

Born To Be Ageless

At age 65, I possessed a rather rare and intense awareness and clarity that made me feel like I could go on living forever. All of the struggles and disappointments that I encountered didn’t make me lose my faith in God, humanity, or my life’s purpose. I felt that if I followed the teachings of Jesus I would become a better person and fulfill my fate here on Earth.  

I felt all along the way that my successes and good health were not to be taken for granted, but something to cherish and celebrate within the confines of the deepening of my eternal self. There were no boundaries ahead to prevent me from becoming the man I felt I was destined to be. One that would allow me to become a great example of what a man is supposed to be and what he should leave behind upon his death. I felt so young, so vital then, but I was spending way too much time convincing myself that when I reached the ripe old age of 80, that’s when, and only then, I would consider myself “old.” 

The years flew by, and now that I have moved ever so slightly beyond those 80 years, I feel younger, stronger, with substantially more wisdom and mental clarity, and more resolute than ever in my commitment to stay on course to fulfill my job here on within the confines of inherent humanistic disipline. I will continue to employ the words that God has gifted to me to proclaim that, although old age should infuse us with soulful wisdom, common sense, and more conversations with him, never to forget the little voice inside of us that represents who we are and who we are yet to become.

When a person launches into old age they should be immersed in an intense feeling of love, joy, and delight. As a lover of words of expression, I have discovered that wisdom only exists through the process of taking action. Remembering that money is never a substitute for tenderness, love, and compassion, tells us that there has to be something to offer beyond the uncomforting mantra of old age while one sits at the edge of his existence.  

Wisdom produces the intellect, spirit, and emotions needed to grasp truth, trust, and an abundant life, while at the same time opening doors to explore and engage in embracing a world full of contentment, self, and the endless possibilities of eternal life. 

When the sun shines, life goes on, when the raindrops fall all around you, life still goes on. Whether you’re laughing or crying, living or dying, life will still go on. As the tears and sadness of those left behind are dried, the pain that brings them is cradled in their hearts and passed on to their spirit. Like an ancient oak with its roots buried deeply into life that lifts its leafy arms to pray, I think I shall never write another word or a poem as lovely and as worthy as a forest green. In the end, if I were to look at my life long enough, just to say that I had seen springs morning glory in these mysterious woods will not do, it must be I that I see, but not without you.

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  • Naomi

    What a compelling and worthy expression of words ! I always strive to leave a legacy that my children and grandchildren will want to emulate. At the age of 75, I have accepted the experiences of life to be stepping stones into a peaceful place in eternity. The trials and tribulations we all go through are to be learned from and regarded as one way to gain knowledge of our own shortcomings. We all have a purpose and should work to fulfill it! BTW: age is only a number!! Have a great and godly day !

  • Alyssa McCombie

    holy cow that was deep! I've never heard such powerful words in a paragraph or poem in a really long time! I really enjoyed reading the part where you talk about learning and growing more with age, although when your younger you feel like you know everything, I feel like that's me at times. Once I grew up a little more, I started becoming wiser and not being that kind of "know it all" person. Now at 16 I'm still learning and growing just as you and everyone else is, and I hope I can learn as much as possible by the time I die.

  • Amy

    Loved it Drake Thank you for the hopeful post!

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