In The Name of Freedom

In The Name of Freedom

The undercurrent of idealism within the boundaries of American history, and the spiritual life that cherishes freedom and its desire to protect it at all costs has been weaked over the last several years. Freedom has always been highly prized in America, paid for in blood, sweat, tears, and the sacrifices of many. Today, we risk, once again, acting on behalf of protecting our freedom in ways that do not further the deeper values that America holds, and, indeed, ways that trespass against certain of these values. In that, we run the risk of limiting freedom ‘in the name of freedom.”

How does it work? It happens when;

*Those who love America can no longer see her wrongdoing as well as her virtue– her failures as well as her successes

*Those who wish to preserve American freedom are willing to sacrifice the freedom of others to those who espouse freedom but limit its meaning to those who agree with them while denouncing, ridiculing, or criticizing those who disagree with them to maintain their own fractured ideology.

*Those who wish to preserve freedom through the exercise of power, discredit those who believe that there are other ways of preserving and protecting freedom, alongside ways of cooperation and conciliation

*The “right to choose” which is an inherent right of each individual is limited by misinformation, disinformation, or other forms of deception and slanting the truth so that free choice is virtually impossible

*America as an ideal and an entity becomes exalted beyond the bounds that humility would prescribe so that pride and grandiosity replace the desire for truth, and when the willingness to place America first becomes a call to power instead of a call to healing.  

The current idealism within America that seeks to protect and uphold freedom, although drained, is still capable of preeminence, for it is the core of American identity that must seek to perpetuate this balance for her true destiny, greatness, and her willingness to embody the moral virtues of which she is founded for the benefit of the world. This partnership is eternal and must be maintained for freedom to remain free to reignight our belief in God for which we were forordained.


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  • Naomi

    You have reminded us that we need to preserve the principles on which our great country was founded: we have unalienable rights and are all created equal! We need to reinstate, without reservation, “In God We Trust “ , limited government, and the freedom to express and believe different ideas. If anyone needs a great read, read the Declaration of Independence!!! You are a great proponent and supporter of the principles our country was founded on. Bravo Drake!!

  • Alyssa McCombie

    man this one hits home. I wish more people believed in their country, especially for us because not a lot of Americans believe anymore. It makes me even more sad to see that kids still don't stand up for the flag, it really makes me sad seeing how much we've lost but at the same time I'm still proud to call myself American and as long as I believe in what I believe in then I think its gonna be all good

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