A Warm Glow

A Warm Glow

I have a story to tell

I hope to tell it well

When we reach out a helping hand

When we wish to make a stand

We live in the arms of humanity

When we close our eyes to sleep

When we dry the tears we weep

When we feel that warm glow 

We live within the arms of empathy

Freedom of the mind

Freedom of mankind

Will you give?

Will you share?

Will you play the game fair?

Will you go beyond the above?

Will you put your trust in love?

Will you move around 

To a soothing sound?

But what I want to witness is compassion 

Shine the light of humanity

Into our hearts and minds

So we can live, so we can survive

For the human spirit says it all

About who we are

We need not just a mirror 

To find humanities true reflection

Love gets love

If we need affection

Life is to appreciate the beauty

To love and help goodwill

We are made to love

With one impression

That orders are given from heaven

We are made to believe 

Never give up, humility needs you 

While you dwell in the arms of love

I want to see your heart

The human spirit never dies

The human spirit always tries

Still, it rises through it all

It stands time after time

It refuses to fall

For the human spirit says it all

About who we are

Yes I see humans everyday

But what I want to see is humanity

Blessings my dear friends

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  • Naomi

    A very inspiring poem! Being human and a part of humanity means caring, giving, loving and showing compassion for all. Who we are today is a reflection of all our life experiences and how we have learned throughout the process. Giving of ourselves reaps benefits we could never have imagined. I believe God is pleased when we live a life of love, spiritual growth and compassion.

    • Alyssa McCombie

      What a beautiful poem!! Such strong powerful words where written in this poem! Every second was worth for reading this and it really lifted my spirits along with my mood!! I'm definitely gonna share this with friends and family. Such useful and wonderful information on this poem 💓💞🧡✨️🇺🇲💞

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