An eclipse is defined as an obscuring of the light from one celestial by the passage of another, between it and the observer or its source of illumination. From the perspective of the clockwork of our universe to many observers throughout the world, it is nothing more than the alignment of three bodies, the earth, the moon, and the sun, and a shadow cast upon the earth — that’s it. But is that all it is? 

Not to me it isn’t To me it’s a sense of awe that represents so much more than that which meets the eye, and I’ll tell you why I think differently about it. It’s not only what I will see, but what I will be feeling and thinking about when I witness this profound and prolific event and it’s not just three rocks passing by each other sending forth a shadow.   

In my mind, I picture a majestic event created within a universe constructed in some instances,  with such precision that it could only be generated by an energy source far beyond human comprehension. One that is omniscient, a supreme reality, a being perfect in power, wisdom, and goodness. A wholly transcendent and wholly perfect – the greatest entity in existence. The cause of all things is seen as the creator, sustainer, and ruler of the universe and all mankind, often thought of as incorporeal and independent of material, while pantheism holds that God is the universe itself.

In a very significant way, to me, the solar eclipse, at the exact moment of total blackness, represents the darkness that fell upon the cross at Calvary. The beams of light radiating from beyond the black moon signify the obliteration of the darkness from the wall of the enshrouded tomb of Christ. After three days of total darkness, the rays of forgiveness came to take away our sins, teaching us to evince love, compassion, and grace, out into, and beyond this world. 

Many will view the eclipse as a source of powerful energy to bring about personal transformation and healing, something akin to a divine reset. 

 As the night goes long, 

 A night in the middle of the day has its say. 

 Was it night on a day when nature had its way?

 Everyone ought to obey 

 When the moon has its way

  It has to be that way

The eclipse packs some powerful punches as a metaphor for gaining knowledge about yourself and the world around you. So what can we learn from an eclipse when these two celestial bodies come together? Eclipses can change our perception of connection, equality, and meaning, while for a moment, the feminine and masculine luminous energies come together and conjoin in a wonderful union. 

When we see the obstruction of the sun’s light by the body of the moon we notice what happens when the principles of creation come together. Our consciousness shifts and we get a sense of balance and unity.  Eclipses can be wondrous events to behold and can teach us about how we view our conscious and subconscious worlds, what we choose to shed light upon that which we keep in our darkness, and our relationship to the masculine and feminine forces in our lives.  Millions of people will come from near and far to witness this planetary event behind eclipse glasses, that for some, will be a once in a lifetime event. One might wonder what they will take away from it. I can only hope that maybe they will feel the presence of a guardian spirit that is a divine messenger of God sent to awaken us to our destiny

May your dreams and ambitions come true by the light of the silvery moon.

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  • Naomi

    I now have a new perception of the total eclipse! I believe that our God and Creator has the power to bring our consciousness to a level of complete awareness of all that we should strive for. Because of your insight Drake, I will have a renewed appreciation for love , forgiveness and a desire to do all things good and godly. We all, regardless of gender, should be in tune with respect and unity. May the coming event bring us out of darkness to see with new vision.

  • Amy

    Jesus loves you! 🩵

  • Alyssa McCombie

    I've always just looked at the eclipse as three rocks in front of each other but now it really is way more than that....I'm gonna be thinking bout that when the eclipse hits. awesome poem too what if it all was dark at one point and there was no sun, until God our father came along🌚♥♥

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