A Fresh Start At Calvary

A Fresh Start At Calvary

Spring is here

Easter it brings

Peace to our hearts

The children sing 

Rise thy heart

Thy Lord has risen

Sing his praises

Celebrate his power with love to behold  

A fresh heart

A clean heart

That forgives the past

True love that lasts

He is meek

He is mild

He came as a little child 

Thy light on us always shines

Giving his life

Ascending from the depths

Out of the water

Rising to the sky

The wounded child stays by his side

A holy embrace

Face to face

Man’s peace is restored forever

A savior divine

Forever mine

No longer blind

Love far and wide

For Christ I see

Come alone by my side 

From dusk till dawn

From death to life

From the cross to the throne

He is mine alone 

Dear friends in Christ. Trust our Lord and Savior and try not to understand where he is taking you. Take his hand and just let him lead you where he will along the way and up the hill to rest at the foot of Calvary. The place where God’s Amazing grace was shown to all who will accept him by faith.

Have a joyful Easter!

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  • Naomi

    A necessary reminder of how important God is in our lives. We should meet at the foot of the cross and praise His wonderful name ! A blessed and happy Easter to you and your family Drake ✝️💟

  • Alyssa McCombie

    This was such a wonderful poem to read! this is a reminder why we should trust and faith in God, and believe that he exists! we shouldn't force it down peoples throats but we should definitely spread the love and peace that God brings. Have an amazing Easter y'all🐰

  • Amy Mary

    Amen Drake, What a beautiful poem, Thank you Lord for your Grace in our lives! Happy Easter to you and yours🩵

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