Drake Gaetano

The Force Within

There’s one thing that exists within all of us. It’s “the power of one.” For some, it lies deeper within our psyche, waiting to be uncovered. This extraordinary power will help to change the world around us. One good deed at a time. It’s a choice we must make, and the time is now.


Take a step back, and take this journey of self-discovery seriously.  If you do this with complete honesty and regularity, you will begin a journey of discovering who you really are. Sometimes that change can happen overnight-sometimes in an instant. Don’t get caught up only in the moment- make it your life’s work. By taking affirmative action, you will become the catalyst to help others find their source of purpose. That gives power to the people. The question then becomes-will you do it?

The power of one…it makes perfect sense in an imperfect world.

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