December 2021

A voice for the people There has come into being the need felt by people everywhere to find a path of hope through the darkness of this time.. to find a way to at least begin to imagine a world at peace at a time when peace no longer seems possible. The relationship of a […]

Somewhere in your silent night   A little child A Shining star A stable crude A door ajar Yet in that place  So bleak, so forlorn  Were the presence of Angels  The hope of the world was born  In the silence of the night In all of creation, let it be tonight  Not a shadow of […]

Winters Coat Adds Warmth To The Season  Winters in Central New York get a bad wrap, especially here in Syracuse where year after year we bring home the trophy for being the snowiest city in America. Winters here are notoriously referred to as bleak, cold, blustery, along with waaaaaay too much snow, with absolutely nothing to […]

The Best Teacher Of All Things Worthwhile        Many times we feel that we spend our entire lives trying to return to who we were as children. We unconsciously search for clarity and joy in our adult lives, when all that we need to learn about “our own selves” and life’s meaning comes from our […]

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