Light Americas Spirit

Light Americas Spirit

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There has come into being the need felt by people everywhere to find a path of hope through the darkness of this time.. to find a way to at least begin to imagine a world at peace at a time when peace no longer seems possible.

The relationship of a peaceful world, to the spiritual vibration of love, is one that is generally known by those for whom spirituality is an essential part of life, but how to bring this alignment into reality is the question.. and for many.. there does not appear to be a clear, hopeful, or concise answer.

In an attempt to offer an attainable solution, we need to embrace the past, present, and the future of America- a nation that is dedicated in her spiritual foundation and purpose to peace and freedom for all-and also for offering humanity a path through the dissembling and misinformation so prevalent during this time, toward a deepening awareness of light and truth.

Being misled and manipulated through misinformation is largely suspect within America today, but few understand in its fullness and complexity; for most are still asleep to the large-scale manipulation that is taking place on mental and emotional levels. It is precisely this lethargy, this willingness to proceed with “business as usual”, that is currently being used to undermine the spiritual foundations of America, forces that have as their aim, the goal of bringing about her demise.

At the same time, the hosts of light and the forces of light who are guardians and shepherds of this planet during this pivotal shift, are countering these forces of destruction with an increased presence of spiritual radiance. This presence rests upon the underpinnings of a Divine ordination that has promised that love shall be victorious upon the earth and that the earth shall move into the next higher dimension of sacred reality.

To all of the children of the earth who are yet to become children of the light, it is time to awaken them to the reality of the large scale drama that has ever taken place on earth and to know that despite whatever difficulties may appear, despite whatever hurdles they may have to be overcome, it is God’s promise to America and to children of the light everywhere that darkness shall not prevail. That the roots of peace and freedom shall take full hold within the precious soil of the earth in order to create the foundation for a new society and a new moral ethic.

Blessed be this time of awakening, and blessed are those who are willing to help the light in its prophesied, and actual work upon the earth in service to the Divine Creator of all things.

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