April 2022

You can’t, but together we can. Without a doubt, the most perplexing question being asked by everyone today is; How can I make a difference in a world that seems to perpetuate a breach of catastrophic proportions, while endangering the existence of life as we know it? Then, along come a slew of other questions; […]

The Divine Godhead Inside every momentthoughts of love surround usall the beauty and glory of the eternal lightthat stone that sealed his tomb was rolled awayso that through the deepening shadows of deaths nightmen see an open door beyond, it was on the cross that he shed his bloodhis tears fell from the skies like […]

A Spectrum Disorder of an exceptional kind  In years past, autism spectrum disorder aka “ASD” (due to the fact that doctors have classified it as a “collection” of conditions and not just one) is one subject worth our looking into by everyone. In simple terms, autism occurs when a person’s brain develops “differently” from other people […]

Behold the rebirth of its ancestral spirit I am a loyal American who embraces deep truth, virtue, and dedicated honor to be kind, virtuous, and honest. I lie in countless wildflower meadows filled with a kaleidoscope of joyful colors mingling with thoughts of peace, love, and divine prosperity. I am the eyes, soul, and hopefulness […]

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