How Can I Change The World

How Can I Change The World

You can’t, but together we can.

Without a doubt, the most perplexing question being asked by everyone today is; How can I make a difference in a world that seems to perpetuate a breach of catastrophic proportions, while endangering the existence of life as we know it? Then, along come a slew of other questions; why do I feel so helpless, so worrisome, so empty, so fearful, so anxious, and so disconnected from all of the people around me? Where can I find this invisible life force that I have been searching for my whole life, that no matter how hard I try, always seems to elude me? Do these questions sound familiar?

First, we must realize that we are not separate from the world around us, but a part of that world. We were born from the elements that make up the universe and someday we will return to that ethereal beginning. It is my hope that each of us seeks and uncovers the answers to the origin, meaning, morality, and destiny of life. While in pursuit of those answers you will begin to get a clearer view of the greatest miracle of all; the miracle of life.

Most things in life are largely beyond our control.

It’s like commanding the ocean tide not to come in, only to see water lapping around our feet. It’s pointless and destructive. To meddle with things beyond our control and try to redirect things according to our will is fruitless.

But what about changing ourselves? Is it within our power?

Yes, and we are free to change ourselves, and what’s truly remarkable is that when we do so, the entire world around us changes. Any separation we have is pure illusion, and so the same rules apply–the wrong way to bring about change, whether it be within ourselves or the outside world is by force.

The key to successful change is the practice of “awareness.”

It begins within us and ripples out to the world, while the only power to change ourselves is within our approach. Through the simple practice of “consciousness”, we can change the very way we interpret any situation. Don’t let things we label “bad”, allow us to focus on observing things in a negative way; then the situation will begin to reverse itself while our inner reality will come to reflect on a new more positive energy of an “inner” perspective.

When we submit to a natural flow of things (allowing life to just carry us, rather than try to force us to change the things around us) the world will become a more supportive and peaceful place. Indeed, while the submission is the only sensible option, don’t think of surrender as a weakness. When we “give up” our tendency to label, explain, to control, things will start to work in our favor.

Get involved – seven ways to get started

– start small; don’t try to take on everything at once. Take small steps.

– be a good neighbor; your greatest knowledge and influence on people lies within you and your “open arms” backyard

– highlight an issue that you feel strongly about, share it with family, friends, and co-workers, and then get out and advocate for change. Just show up!

– practice pay- it -forward and random acts of kindness. One small act creates a ripple effect from person to person. No telling where it will end with no end in sight.

– let your values guide you to embrace local businesses that support people and the planet.
pray or meditate- there is a proven correlation between them that can generate an enormous advance in social harmony. Get out and prove it!

– be authentic in everything you do – and bring your true self to every situation.

When we stop trying to force change; we become free!

Avoid the desire to change because you will never find the path that will lead you to God
Don’t change yourself- love yourself as you are
Don’t try to reshape others- love them as they are
Don’t try to revise the world- that’s in God’s hands and he knows exactly how to do it
And if you do all of these things, rectification within yourself will occur in its own way and in its own time.

Yield to the current of life and you will enter a world of unencumbered baggage.
We can’t fix others until we fix ourselves.
Dream big without negative doubts or self-talk. Always remember, one small step can move mountains
Don’t ask what the world needs, ask what makes you “come alive” and get out and do it.

Most importantly – teach all of the above to our children. They need our love, guidance, time, and wisdom.

Just give it a try because it’s the truth and the way to a life of genuineness.

“Never substitute a strong will with an “easy way out”


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  • Naomi

    It’s great to experience the things you have brought to light. When I pay it forward it’s such a feel-good moment. When I pray I ask for guidance, not tangible things.

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