May 2023

Sterling symbols of a soldier’s faith His country issued him dog tags He wears them with pride; Metal symbols of service Round his neck, tucked inside, Engraved are his birth date, Social number and name. His blood type and religion. A pair of tags, both the same. His mother gave him a silver cross He wears […]

Mistaken Identity   The main reason salmon swim upstream is to spawn, and we all know what that means. You know, the male and female thing; she does this, and he does that. Yet the male is the one who is risking his life because once the eggs are fertilized, he dies shortly afterward. As young salmon […]

When words just aren’t enough What’s the one word that would best describe a mother? There isn’t one, nor will there ever be. How can we measure the depth of a mother’s love with a single word? That would be like trying to describe God or something as vast as the universe in a solitary word.  […]

Looking with focused eyes toward her future.  At this very moment, along with all of the dubiety, division, and conflict in regard to the present administration’s inability to close the immense chasm of division among its citizens, comes an urgent call to reclaim its inherent patriotism and to cultivate the return to its rightful place — […]

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