Americas Heart

Americas Heart

Looking with focused eyes toward her future. 

At this very moment, along with all of the dubiety, division, and conflict in regard to the present administration’s inability to close the immense chasm of division among its citizens, comes an urgent call to reclaim its inherent patriotism and to cultivate the return to its rightful place — in the hearts of its people. A nation born more than two hundred years ago, whose reason for being was to bring the rest of the world a conclusive measure of tolerance, forgiveness, and equality that the world had never seen. One whose historical origin was founded upon truth, piety, and illumination, while embracing all of its people with “equal love and respect”, excluding no one from its collective desire to improve the goodness of mankind. This nation must continue to be remembered for its essential sense of being; a full manifestation of freedom and independence to extinguish the dark clouds of hopelessness, authoritarianism, and extreme indifference. 

Today, we see a vast departure from those historic values that still live and breathe within not only America’s heart but also within the soul of many of its people. The music is still there, and its rhythm still beats within her veins, but the expression of that once noble music and that once perpetual rhythm is no longer the same call for freedom, less division, and less inequity. Instead, there has been an obstruction that was created by another minion that has superimposed upon that innate and natural rhythm, by those who walk by a different drum. Once again we need to hear the powerful sound of the bugler playing “taps” in remembering those who gave their lives in the service of their country. Every one of us should hold point our bugles to the heavens and Reveille our country into a boisterous “roll call” of peace, hope, determination, and gratitude.

America’s future is not something that we will allow to be turned into an ideological victory but to be sustained as a strongly held set of beliefs. 

Let peace and thoughts of peace continue to live in the hearts of true patriots, and let a prayer for the heart of this great nation be on everyone’s lips. The return to the central guiding principles and vision which moved our founders to create this land of liberty is necessary at this time, and only the pursuit of this vision will lead to genuine and lasting peace. The return of dignity to America lies in the re-establishment of her policies and practices, based on the ideals that we hold in our hearts today and our belief in the strength of our undeniable historical foundation. 

Keep a keen and hopeful watch out for “The Great Reboot”,, — your landing page filled with endless possibilities and participation by all Americans to reunite, and exchange ideas and ideals that will guide us back to our grassroots. 

Now is not the time to look at America through “rosy retrospection”, but with heart-filled lenses focused on the rebirth of a new vision and a new nation. Together we can plant our feet back on solid ground.

As always, blessings my dear friends,

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  • Naomi

    Thank you Drake, for such a poignant focus on “America’s Heart.” Patriotism by definition is: devotion and vigorous support for one’s country! With all the chaos and lack of idealism, this is still the best country to live in! We need to pass on to the future generation the principles and values that we were taught. It’s a Grand Old Flag, it’s America the Beautiful, it’s America My Country, it’s This Land is Your Land and it’s Stars and Stripes Forever🇺🇸 God bless America and God bless us all!

  • Carol Tyler

    Let freedom ring- you are so right on what needs to be done in our country and future generations.

  • Amy McCune

    Amen I agree with all of you!

  • Bianca C Gaetano

    How true ur words and put so beautifully...yes we need to get back to where it began and everyone must come together ❤ it's not a hard concept just needs to b backed up by actions...the elder and the young need to work together to make this CAN b done!!!! Now is the time!!! I am hopeful it can be done....💯❤🤍💙

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