October 2023

Never give up. Three little words that have the power to bring change and inspiration to each one of us. Words that will always encourage us to keep going despite the weight of our own burdens, or the encumberment of others’ unpredictable behavior. But are they still considered old-age thinking among those deprived of good old common sense? Maybe […]

For most of my life, I had no interest in reading books, poetry, or Shakespeare, and absolutely no understanding of the power that words have in fostering change. My youth was atypical of a boy growing up in a small town, but when my parents separated when I was 14, my world was torn apart leaving […]

It has become apparent that too many people in our country honestly believe that we don’t need each other and that someone else is incapable of making our lives more fulfilling and meaningful. They feel that replacing love and the emotional support of others with things is enough to sustain a lasting and meaningful relationship, but material […]

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