The Gift

The Gift

For most of my life, I had no interest in reading books, poetry, or Shakespeare, and absolutely no understanding of the power that words have in fostering change. My youth was atypical of a boy growing up in a small town, but when my parents separated when I was 14, my world was torn apart leaving me to sustain life’s bumps and bruises by myself. From then on, my life was contained in a world of frustration, restraint, and bewilderment, while trying my darndest to suppress doing the erroneous things that were necessary just for me to survive and save me from irreparable damage to my soul.  That was then. 

Now, as I look back at the last 10 years, I remember the day that something very significant began to fall into place at a time when I needed some serious clarity in my life. Something that set me off in the right direction to regain the strong moral code that lay before me at the altar of my youth. Like most people, I felt that something was missing, the one thing that I deserted along the way that was preventing me from identifying and pursuing my real purpose. I always believed that God had sent me here for a reason; not only to glorify his holy name, but also to bring peace, love, and connection to people around the world. I always worked hard while struggling to get where I gained recognition in my career, but my spiritual voice began to dimmer the deeper my faith declined from living an authentic Christian life. One, through no fault but my own, I relinquished my faith in God for a life of bittersweet defection that deeply and negatively impacted my departure from the things that I always believed in. 

Then, on one of my daily walks of reflection, I reached out to the creator of all things and began to have a conversation about my dissatisfaction with where I was going in my life. If I were to return to my belief in his teachings, I would be very unprepared to reach out to others with the message using the scripture that I once followed as a child. I realized that I needed something more, a new way that could spread his word of love, peace, and devotion across the globe with an opportunity to change the lives of people, particularly children. I didn’t have enough biblical knowledge to support my beliefs or my nonbeliefs. I said, “I thought we had a plan a long time ago, God?” 

I cried out to him to provide me with more convincing works to get my message of peace, love, and spirituality out to an America that was becoming more secular every day. I had grown weary of watching him being pushed aside as the ranks of the religiously unaffiliated continued to grow. Atheists, agnostics, deists, and the fast-rising group today that is reshaping the religious landscape — the nones. I needed a different way to somehow change the course of events in the world. I knew at the time that I was asking for something that was far outreached by any other mission I could ever ask for — and I asked for many. But this one was huge! I sat quietly and waited patiently for an answer. And he delivered. Not in a celebratory way, but with a series of life-changing occurrences that finally awakened me to the gift that he had bestowed upon me. The gift of writing. He provided me with words that would touch the lives of those who would choose to read my discourse in regard to how the wisdom of the ages has the answers to four questions everyone should seek; origin, meaning, morality, and destiny. He filled my soul with words that would change people’s hearts and souls. Exciting and life-changing words that would be written down by my hands that would be clear and powerful enough to awaken the child within them, and at the precise time, stir their hearts and souls to gain eternal acceptance.

Over the years of writing books, delivering my message through daily meaningful conversations, my weekly blog posts, and observing everything of importance surrounding me, I have come to a conclusion:

The only way to save ourselves and our children’s future from chaos and self-destruction is to create a new and powerful vision of a world made new through their spiritual efforts. The time to come not only belongs to them but to us as well as long as we can hold onto it, but as adults, we are far from preparing them for what lies ahead. We must be willing to be strong in pursuing the fullness of time, but not to refrain from planting the seeds of righteousness necessary to sustain a bright, prosperous, and spiritual place for our children. It’s just the right thing to do. I can only hope that the seeds of wisdom and clarity that I may have planted along my way, will grow deep enough to nurture a new and sustainable generation of children. Children who will grow mighty in their own attempt to spread peace, love, truth, and spirituality, while they quietly and lovingly transplant that which has been undeniably and unselfishly given to them. 

 “I sought the wisdom of the ages and was given the gift of writing. Words of understanding that allow the sharing of ideas, philosophies, memories, events, and stories in a profound and impactful way. Allow me to share that gift with you.  

God has given all of us the greatest gift of all. The gift of life. Use yours to help children and others around you find theirs and share it with the rest of the world. It will keep their hearts and lives unblemished in the eyes of God, and he will say to them, “Your sins I will remember no more.” 


Blessings as you enter into the light my dear friends,

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  • Naomi

    As I was taught, “the truth shall set you free! “ A great poignant message that we should all pay attention to. We all have had setbacks, have made the wrong choices at times in our lives and have put living the true Christian life on the back burner! The worst things to overcome are the ones we have no control over. With God’s help and guidance, we can reclaim the God given gifts that we all have. It’s our duty to pass on our knowledge and spiritual wisdom to our children and grandchildren. That’s what I continually strive to do. My daughters have said to me, many times in their adult life, “Mom now I know why you taught us the way you did.” They will never forget how important it is to develop good moral and spiritual values. We only have one life to live. Let’s live it in love, peace , unity and caring for each other. Peace be with you🙏

  • Amy

    Hi Drake, Thank you for being bold enough to share a portion of your spiritual reawakening, to the author of all Truth, Jesus Christ our Lord! I am always encouraged by your steadfast faith in Him, as your life and your words inspire all who converse with you to do the same. All Glory be to Our God forever, Amen!

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