Despite a person’s age, we must pay attention to someone who will be looked upon as an example to be imitated. Someone who stands out from the crowd — someone who changes lives for the better. That would be 16-year-old Alyssa, a precious gem, a sort of modern-day “hero,” who, as she steps out into the world, will be admired for her courage, achievements, and noble qualities.

She defines what shall now be referred to as the “generation connection”—much akin to a bridge that connects people regardless of age, race, or gender. A young woman far beyond her years, she possesses an abundance of spiritual and patriotic insight that leaves an imprint and preserves the important lessons of past generations, along with a rebirth of righteousness, hard work, and truth. She is driven by a powerful source of wisdom to inspire future generations of young people much like herself to “get in the groove.”

Although she has witnessed the unfair treatment of others, she is flourishing into a radiant flower just beginning to blossom into a bouquet of worldly splendor. She possesses a smile that melts the coldest heart, wings that fly like an eagle, and roots that grow deeper every day. She is always searching to understand why people do the things they do, with such a reluctance to do the things they were born to do. Her radiant smile will light up the world.  

She’s the apple of your eye

She doesn’t “rash ears” on the phone

She’s not a blind dog

She cooks with gas and has ‘flower power” 

She’s not a-go-go

She’s “boss” and seeks shelter in all the right places

She’s a dolly with an allure of peace, and tranquility, and a middle name of love

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