“Vulnerability is nothing more than a suggested bridge to altruistic condemnation”

“There are three phases of life: seeing it, believing in it, and living it.”

“Knowledge is fear’s most dreaded enemy”

“Somewhere in your silent night, hang robes of pure white”

“Too soon we forget, not to be forgotten”

“Freedom of the soul will choose between a deep abyss or crystal peaks”

“A leap of faith is far better than being stuck in a pair of cement shoes filled with doubt.”

“The child is hidden deep within the layers of human suffering”

“Now’s the time to take a step back- barefoot”

“Needn’t we stop and entertain the messengers we meet along the way?”

“Never give up just let love have it’s way with you”

“We need to get to know each other better; page by page”

“A dead end is just another place to turn around.”

“Memory Lane is but a one-way street”

“The best scripts have the best players”

“Blood may be thicker than water, but struggle makes a stronger connection”

“When caught up in the moment, make it last a lifetime”

“Don’t let bad weather put out a soul on fire”

“Walk through life as though time has stood still”

“Laughter is a beautiful symbol of humanity”

“When you can’t see life as it is, let faith be your guide”

“There are things in life that make the heart sing and the soul to soar”

“When we walk hand in hand, one has a tighter grip”

“A hug should last as long as necessary”

“Walk lightly through a dangerous mind field”

“Life can be filled with etched glasses or empty paper cups”