January 2023

Pictures in my head, words from my heart “She danced up to the looking glass lying on her nightstand, and gazed upon sunny fields of children changing memories into raindrops to be saved for a stormy day” “Our search begins and ends in the church” “The will of a girl and her horse can never […]

The lost art of peaceful Connection Fear, anger, discontent, and disconnection, are rapidly growing amid a deep and vast valley of confusion about finding peaceful ways to resolve our conflicts. Arguing and shouting at each other get you nowhere. Both sides prefer to judge each other for being less than they really are, while the […]

There are few greater treasurers to be acquired in our youth than remembering the good times stored away with occasional visits as we walk across yesterday’s meadows of our childhood. It’s much easier to make memories than to dispose of them, and they’re easier to remember than to forget. Whether your childhood was happy or sad, […]

For me, the three most elemental resources available in life are books, friends, and nature — the greatest of these being nature because it is most constant, it’s always at hand, and because of its divine complexity.  Nature will always be with us and therefore it is an inexhaustible repository of things that moves one’s […]

If you’re a believer, it’s far from over Let’s begin by defining the word “believer”: A person who believes that a specified thing is effective, proper, and desirable.  To me, that would pertain to just about everyone. Most people desire to live in a world without pain and suffering; desperate for freedom from the evils of […]

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