The Trap of Being Right

The Trap of Being Right

The lost art of peaceful Connection

Fear, anger, discontent, and disconnection, are rapidly growing amid a deep and vast valley of confusion about finding peaceful ways to resolve our conflicts. Arguing and shouting at each other get you nowhere. Both sides prefer to judge each other for being less than they really are, while the only objective is to prove that one side is right while the other is wrong. The purpose of conversations is to connect us to listen and understand the other person’s opinion, rather than to foster a selfless discussion where the results always end in a dead heat; nobody wins — everyone loses.

We can’t force someone into believing that we are right and they are wrong.

We are constantly being bombarded with false ideologies and opinions coming from sources who consider themselves to be the caregivers of incontrovertible truth while trying to protect their own minds, all while never taking the time to get to know the other person and how they arrived at that difference of opinion.

We have become a polarized nation listening to social media platforms that believe that we can’t think for ourselves, and as result, we have created our own platform founded upon misunderstood and ineffective communication.

We argue using judgments that are less than they are, always with a need to prove the other person wrong. When we judge others we can’t see who they truly are, while both sides only listen to find enough time to fight back.

It always ends with a war of nasty words between conversations such as:

Capitalists vs Socialists
Theists vs Atheists
Climate alarmists vs climate deniers
Pro-life vs pro-choice and so on.

It has become an endless flow of disparaging rhetoric.

The true and established purpose of communication has always been to bring us together and resolve our differences peacefully; to have a mindful consciousness first and be aware of others’ opinions, accept who they are, embrace our differences of opinion, and build bridges of love, oneness, respect, and equality.

Greek Philosophers such as Aristotle, Socrates, and Plato, were among the first on record to deeply examine human existence and grapple with the weighty ideas of morality, happiness, and the purpose of life. They theorized that there are universal truths to teach a system of justice and law based on human nature and virtue. In doing so, these ancient philosophers left us a treasure trove of hard-earned wisdom that has survived through the ages. Remarkably, many of their lessons still resonate today.

Let’s turn them loose and stop arguing and disagreeing with everything and learn to get along for God’s sake; it’s the right thing to do.

Blessings my dear friends,

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  • Naomi

    Truer words were never spoken! I’ve learned to listen before I speak, and it helps me not to foster anger or pass judgement. I’ve also learned that it’s ok to agree to disagree!! Your words of wisdom are so soothing to the soul.

  • Bianca C Gaetano

    Wow how true!!! This is what we need to get back to it's ok to disagree on things but also in a way that isn't just one sided and maybe one can learn from a discussion instead of just being close minded and insisting one side can only b the rite one. Beautifully put 👏 💙

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