Intrinsic Values

Intrinsic Values

For me, the three most elemental resources available in life are books, friends, and nature — the greatest of these being nature because it is most constant, it’s always at hand, and because of its divine complexity. 

Nature will always be with us and therefore it is an inexhaustible repository of things that moves one’s heart. It is appealing and healing to the mind, and can set fire to the soul of the wayfarer’s imagination

Our natural surroundings can restore health to our bodies, stimulate our intellect, and bring enormous joy to the human essence.

To those who rely strictly on science for answers, nature is a place to dig up facts, the laws that govern us, and the spontaneous processes that define life. 

To the artist, she is a pallet of unparalleled beauty that the painter pursues to create visions of extreme inspiration.  

To the poet, she is an archive of cerebral images suggesting idioms to fit almost everyone’s fancy, and a visceral source of unlimited inspiration.

She is the kiss of the sun, the song of the birds, and is nearer to God’s heart in a garden than anywhere else on earth.

It is hard to keep in touch with oneself, never realizing that the most amazing thing about nature is its infinite unity with humans.

It is that inherent soul of nature that arouses an entangled embodiment that cannot accept life without resistance, but a mind awakened, fertile, and accepting.

Nothing is more breathtaking than the loveliness of the woods at sunrise. 

Day after day nature is painting pictures of infinite beauty; if only we had the eyes to see.

Blessing my dear friends, 

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  • Naomi

    Nature IS my place of tranquility and reflection. My indoor plants, my garden in spring and summer, my friendly squirrels and chipmunks that come to visit every day that the weather permits and the birds that visit my feeders! The skies of day and night give me a hint of what’s coming. I truly enjoyed reading the words that brings my thoughts to life. Ty for the reading that will keep me in tune with nature. God bless 🙏

  • Alyssa McCombie

    I completely agree with this whole sentence. Nature really does have a meaning and I do really think that nature is definitely one of the most important things in life. Because I feel without nature life itself wouldn't be complete or as whole♥️♥️

  • Bianca C Gaetano

    I absolutely 💯 ♥ love nature some of my best memories r out at urs and moms or grandmas and papa's out exploring and becoming 1 w nature. The smells the feeling of it so blessed. Definitely puts things in perspective and is so calming and free

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