July 2023

It’s only the beginning and it’s not going away anytime soon  At the turn of the century, there was one thing in particular that separated America from any other country in the world — we went to church. Not just a few, but multitudes. Even if you are a Christian, you might not be aware that […]

Memory Lane – A Path To Days Gone By Some say that you can never take steps back to the place that we call “our time”. To that place where we grew up, and where we will always call our “home”. To those places we went to as a child. I can’t imagine a life […]

Lyrics by Jeff & Sheri Easter  Sometimes I feel like no one’s ever been in this place beforeThis is hardAnd I’m not sure that I can do this anymoreI know someday I’ll look backAnd all these won’t seem realBut Lord right now I need YouTo know just how I feelWhen there are no words to […]

Determination, Anticipation, and Participation Did you ever stop to think about the things our children might want to change in regard to a safer, more loving, and more giving  America? I do almost every day, and I wonder if they could, what they might do to make this a better place.  If I could, I would […]

A quintessential role model I honestly believe in today’s disconnected America, despite a person’s age, it’s essential that we pay attention to a person who will be looked upon as an example to be imitated. Someone who stands out from the crowd — someone who changes lives.   Well, let me introduce you to fifteen-year-old Alyssa. She’s a precious […]

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