Revival Is In The Air

Revival Is In The Air

It’s only the beginning and it’s not going away anytime soon 

At the turn of the century, there was one thing in particular that separated America from any other country in the world — we went to church. Not just a few, but multitudes. Even if you are a Christian, you might not be aware that since the 1960s there has been a steady decline, particularly of young people, in the assembly of “believers in Christ”. Despite the vast denominations of believers, in today’s America, going to church is being mocked by many on a daily basis and has gotten so distorted that it is even frowned upon resulting in a surge of anger and hatred toward the church or anyone associated with it or a persons belief in God.  

But that’s not true for all people. Now the youk believers are shouting out. The numbers and the music are addicting to the soul and will raise the spirit of even the staunchest of nonbelievers.  

“Revival is in the air” and it’s just the beginning of a new spiritual awakening in America. The outpouring that began with the Asbury Awakening at the University of Ashbury KY, is reaching more young people as it marches on to both Christian and secular university campuses, churches, and youth events literally from one end of the country to another.

 What some have referred to as a potential new great awakening within Christian history started on the campus of Asbury University, where thousands of Christians gathered for two weeks of Spirit-led worship, prayer, and repentance. That unplanned outpouring is raising hopes because a previous revival in 1970 on the Asbury campus was seen as a significant driver behind the Jesus movement of the 70s. 

Since then God showed up in a powerful way at the young adult night on the north shore of Oahu, indicating many decisions to repent and trust Christ, while many others made decisions to surrender and pursue personal revival. They even extended the meeting because of how God was moving them toward salvation. 

Meanwhile, 3,745 miles away in Norman, Oklahoma, the Holy Spirit is on the move and a big opportunity for revival is coming to the campus of the University of Oklahoma. The Pulse ministry has “booked the 86,000-seat football stadium at the University of Oklahoma for the largest outreach ever heard of.” 

Meanwhile, the word about the Asbury Awakening continues to spread and has made it all the way to Maine. 

God is moving today and Revival is in the air, so put up your sails and let him take you along. 

Revival fame is spreading. Even the Amish know about it! “If you’re a skeptic you would label this as only a coincidence. But if you are a person of faith — you see this as divine providence. 

It can’t be just a coincidence, because it’s “real”. 

God is in charge and he’s up to something. And that’s great news!

This is no time for fear and lack of faith. That’s old news! Check it out on your own radar screen. It’s already happening across the country! It’s real and it’s here to stay. Just believe it and join it!

Stay tuned my beloved friends. There will be lots more to share with you. 

Just keep the faith! Let me do my own homework.


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  • Naomi

    Well, what a great and inspiring read! I was brought up in a bible toting and church going home. Even when I strayed from the teachings that were instilled in me, I never forgot the power of prayer and the greatness of God. You can take the girl out of church, but you can’t take the church out of the girl!! My personal experience with God has made me a betting person, for sure. Compassion, belief in God and love of our great country are things we should be passing on to the next generation. Let’s all be faithful servants and shout out how real our God is. Keep posting the “good news!”

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