The Pulse Behind Truth And Liberty

The Pulse Behind Truth And Liberty

As a writer, I have always been fascinated by the lives of the people who conquered fear, struggle, and overwhelming odds just to exist at a time when surviving was all they had to look forward to.

It was on the backbone of their blood, sweat, and tears, that the imperishable fabric of our Republic was born. Even in our darkest hours, the beacon of hope still shines bright, and the flames of spirituality, toughness and uncontested dreams of Americans still burn for all of the world to see. 

Now the time has come to rekindle America’s spirit to come back into being because of the need felt by people everywhere for a path of hope through the darkness of this time, and for a way to simply imagine a world at peace at a time when peace doesn’t seem possible. 

Together, out from this dark cloud of uncertainty, we can become a “majority of one” to replace the reliance of those holding an opposite point of view by the single depth of the commitment of the one.  

Now is the time to replace the gathering of outer forces with the gathering of the powerful inner force of peace and love that exists inside each one of us. It is time to sanction and uphold the values of the inner being with a steadfastness that comes from the alignment with inner truth and the light that upholds this truth.

We shall remain the steady historical pulse behind a nation in which the voice of the people shall continue to be heard despite the consequences.

The flag and the colossus statue that stands in the New York harbor are the symbols of America’s spiritual heart, just as she herself has always meant to be the impassioned force of the greater whole.

America has lost its way – and its identity. On what once was a Grand Stage, our Founding Fathers created what was to be an eternal covenant between its people and a Government that was to serve and protect them. The powers that be allowed for unprecedented freedoms and opportunities never seen before, would provide the armature of a “civil society”. These “flawed” men often disagreed, sometimes vehemently, but they were willing to compromise around a nebulous idea greater than themselves, or their personal ideologies, to create a more perfect union to be forever called America. 

Through all of the division and discontent being unleashed upon us today, and although the unremitting struggle goes on, we have grown weary. While still armed with a history of secure ideals, courage, and perseverance fueled by our right to autonomy, at what point do we stop the risk of a seemingly impossible victory?  Will these times of “crimes and calamities” ever come to an end?

Only with a forthright decision by all who choose to call themselves impassioned and “patriotic” Americans, can our history show a destiny that prevailed on a sturdy bedrock of all things good.

When you take away the Monotheistic thought that God is the creator deity and all the symbolic principles that we hold dear to the American flag, what’s left to guide our own destiny and a world that embraces peaceful coexistence?

Behind all arguments lies the issue of morality that enables us the ability to distinguish right from wrong, good from evil, and helps each of us to facilitate growth in human love and kindness. We are living at a time in our society where we’re beginning to look at what life is all about, what the “distinguishable” value is in learning, and what are the necessary processes of change for the better. We need to be looking at “behavioral shaping and modification reinforcement” that will open our eyes to the fact that the lack of “connection” only produces chaos, and at the same time we must rid ourselves of “ visceral emotional detachment”.  

Let us seek to reinstate the integrity of identity of one people within one nation, whose soul is the soul of all and whose purpose is the purpose of all — a nation whose spiritual name is Love.

This love that we dearly cherish is the rock upon which our hearts will forever beat as one.

Don’t you think it’s time?


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