America’s Heart

America’s Heart

The Need For A New Awakening

At the present moment (with all of its division and conflict) comes an urgent call, to awaken to the need for a return to America’s heart. America’s reason for being was to bring a measure of compassion, forgiveness, tolerance, and equality that the world had never seen before. This nation whose values are historic in origin and founded in the light of truth, must always be remembered for its essential goodness. 

What the heart of America stands for is freedom, and an undeniable spirit of love and hope. Today, we see a vast departure from the values that live within America’s heart. The music is still there, the rhythm still beats within her veins, but the expression and the beat are no longer the same. 

America’s future is not something that can be turned into an ideological victory for one group only, but a strongly held set of beliefs that together, will give rise to actions that will influence the course of events in our country today. Let peace and thoughts of peace be in every person’s heart, and let a prayer for the heart of America be on everyone’s lips.

The return to the central guiding principles and vision which moved America’s founders, to create a land of liberty, is the real necessity of this time. Only the pursuit of this vision will lead to a wave of genuine and lasting peace. 

The new America will be a new vision, and a renewed promise, with the knowledge of virtue, once lost, to be regained. Now affirmed as a spoken word of honor that belongs to us all.

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