Our Time

Our Time

Our time was;

When life had a meaning and everything in and around us mattered.

When working hard and living within our means provided us with everything we needed.

When going the extra mile put us miles ahead.

When Sunday was the day to worship God and all things good.

When we respected the farmer, the mailman, our teachers, our veterans, and our leaders.

When we knew what good meant.

When we ate dinner together knowing it was the right thing to do.

When we felt good just doing the right thing.

When we felt good saying our prayers and reciting the pledge of allegiance.

When everyone stood for the National Anthem.

When we cried when we lost John F. Kennedy.

When everyone helped push someone out of a snowbank.

When a small town was our town.

When lovers could fall in love forever at the crest of the pines.

When a trip out of town was a Sunday drive.

When a bad day didn’t mean a bad life.

When our search for meaning began and ended in the church.

Please stay tuned, there will be more of the same in the next few Sunday posts.

I love to be able to write these things because it’s still our time and I won’t let you down.

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  • Naomi

    Words from the heart are much more audible than sounds.

  • Naomi

    I have read this over and over and I correlate many, if not all, of these things with my formative years. The first few years of my adult life also are parallel to many of the things you mentioned. Thank you for the spark of nostalgia and renewing the suppressed memories.

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