The Vigil of The Nativity

The Vigil of The Nativity

As God ascended the stairs of heaven with a baby in his arms, he followed the glow of a manger to deliver a shining star unto a stable door with hinges that held on tightly to the ensuing history inside of a Bethlehem stable. It was a child who would behold a world of darkness and send his glorious beams afar to fill the world with light and give peace and restoration to the word made flesh.

Christmas is a prophetic season when God looks into the soul of a life not yet attained with the hope that through their selfless deeds, the whole world would show mercy and care for the needy if but only for a day. A time when we would not “spend” Christmas, but keep it so we may be kept in its hope, that through him who emptied himself in coming to us we might be fulfilled with peace and joy in returning to his glory.  

The love of life, God’s greatest and most precious gift, is within reach of us as we struggle to find peace of mind and the strength for renewal. I shall lay these words of wisdom upon the altar of hope, love, and forgiveness; the renewed gifts that are yours, mine, and will now belong to my children.

My heart is open tonight, filled with moments of pronouncement when I would not bar a single door where love might enter.  May you join me as we rejoice with exceeding gratefulness to a God who waves his magic wand over the world to make things softer, more meaningful, and more beautiful.

That Christmas star still rises and sets while the music of a meaningful life still beats on through all the ages come and gone, and for those of us who still catch the Christmas gleam, we know as we stand together as children on a hill that is still within reach, it is no dream that he will forever stand among us.

Enjoy this blessed Eve of Deliverance dear friends,

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  • Naomi

    What a beautiful depiction of this wonderful time. I take this time to renew my spiritual beliefs. As a new birth of the soul and hope with a renewed spirit of gladness, may we never forget the true meaning of Christmas.

  • Jan

    Such a beautiful and eloquent writer. It is my greatest hope that you will incorporate all your beautiful writings into one book. I will be the first to buy it and purchase additional ones for gifts. You are truly blessed for your great talent. I am truly blessed to be able to enjoy these beautiful writings.

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