It shall always be

It shall always be

It shall always be

That love alone is our greatest resource for human connection

That as adults, we have everything that a child needs

That hopes, dreams, and wishes belong to everyone

That a deck of cards can sometimes deal you a bad hand

That dogs only want us to be more like them

That fellowship and sportsmanship go hand in hand

That when things go wrong, we need to do what is right.

That a peace sign has two sides

That you can’t give someone a head start until you give them a heads up

That when others suffer we need to feel their pain

That memorials are things committed to sustaining lasting memories

That soldiers allow us to have sweet dreams

That a moral compass is a guide to all things eternal

That history repeats itself every day

That kindness, love, and compassion lie between us and the horizon

That we all loved Lucy

That country music sometimes makes us go “crazy”, and “fall to pieces”

That horses and dogs will always have four legs

That the pledge of allegiance symbolizes that we are one Nation under God

That wildflowers get their complexion from a rainbow of colored raindrops

That life begins with the smile of a newborn baby

That mothers held the key to their children’s happiness while tied to their apron strings

That Tinker Bell taught us that not everyone who makes it to Neverland ceases to age

That the eternal child lives within all of those who believe

That each and every one of us is a miracle unto ourselves


That what will be shall always be…

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