Precious Gifts

Precious Gifts


“(of an object, substance, or resource) of great value: not to be “wasted” or treated “carelessly”. It is also used as a term of address for a beloved person: that which is none more precious than the birth of a child. The mother is a most highly esteemed godsend herself for being the constant eternal reminder of the love, adoration, and birth of the most miraculous creation of all; life.”

From the pen and perspective of Carol Wood/ Platoon Nana:

I thought about the most precious gift,
I pondered what it could be,
‘Tis simple, it’s the gift of life
T’was the answer that came to me

So what’s the most precious gift of life
Quizzed my searching, wee small voice
‘Tis simpler yet, the answer came,
It’s the awesome gift of choice

For all the evil and the good
Is conceived in the heart of man
all joy and grief, all war and peace
Executed by the human hand

We may not choose the hand we’re dealt
Or the trials that come our way
But how we handle every test
Is a choice we make every day

The choice to smile, the choice to cry
The choice to give or take
The choice to live, the choice to die
All choices we make

So make your choices carefully
Give thought because we know
That we will harvest every crop
And reap the seeds we sow

Within the heart of every child lives a garden of tranquility, love, wonder, and fantasy. Embrace the child within, grasp the hand of a young “lad” or “lassie”, and plant new gardens together with seeds of hope, trust, truth, and humility.  

Blessings my dear friends,

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  • Naomi

    Wow! Such a beautiful post! It’s very appropriate for me, because I am expecting a new granddaughter any day now. I try to instill in my grandson’s mind how important it is to set the example for others. I will do the same with my granddaughter. Recently I had to correct my grandson for a remark he made. I explained how his behavior can affect others around him. He looked me straight in the eyes, and said “ grandma, I love you!” Followed by a big hug. Our choices do exhibit our intentions. God bless all the moms ♥️

  • Elaine

    Thank you, Drake, for reminding us of the importance of our mother and the importance of us have choices. The forgiveness we receive once we change a bad decision to a good one and teach others to do the same is the gift of wisdom. Keep writing, my friend. I can always count on your blogs to reveal the truth.

  • Alyssa McCombie

    I love what you did there with the lad or lassie part that was clever 🤣 and this poem was very true and another one that hits home because i feel like this can relate and will relate to everyone! Definitely saving this one and im gonna read it anytime i want to listen to something inspirational 💕♥️❤️🧡💚💚🩵💜

  • Bianca C Gaetano

    Wow just absolutely wonderful!! How true those words...yes the gift of life and being a mother r the most precious gifts I am so blessed to have both 💖 there is nothing in this world more important and more precious to me than my children ❤ I am so lucky to b able to watch them grow into beautiful adults 😊💜🥰 and the choice to push through the bad and always find the good!!

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