Resetting Your Brain

Give Worry and Anxiety the Boot

First, I want to say that I have been blessed late in my life with the God-given gift of writing. 

Secondly, for the opportunity to share my gift with you, and the world.

Without you, my words would be lost in today’s shift in the translation of “meaningful” words and “mindless” dialog. Words with meaning that can be backed up with powerful examples of success.. that translate into powerful messages of mindfulness, truth, humanitarianism, hope, and a cure.

This subject is one of deep concern to me and hopefully to all of you who are reading this. My hope is that this message will spread to others who may not understand that they play an essential role in eliminating this provincial stigma of “mental illness”. I don’t like ‘labels”, especially that one, so at this point, I am going to refer to people like us as to some degree, “Emotionally Wounded”.

Everyone exists within the spectrum of a brain, that if not properly cared for, has the power to do more harm than good. Now if this brain is “fed” with the right nutrients, it will receive the voice of God and become your best ally. An ally that will help lead you to a life worth living.   

The discussion about mental illness needs to be discussed at the dinner table, not just behind closed doors within hospitals and mental health facilities (with “understaffed”, and in too many cases, “uncaring” mental health providers). Not to mention the doctors who prescribe medications for their own experiment, lining their pockets with dirty money.

I don’t know how some of them can look at themselves in a mirror or sleep at night.  

This is a subject very close to my heart and needs to take its rightful place in today’s mainstream dialog. It requires more than this blog post for a true discussion, so I have begun to write a book about this crucial subject, which I am hoping to have it available before Christmas. Please wish me luck!

When things get broken and we are provided with the right tools, they can be fixed. If we have the correct tools, and we use them for what they were intended for, we will reap the fruits of our labor over time. However, we are not just “things”..  we are humans with extremely complex brains (through situational trauma), which can blow a fuse.

We need to get proper help to people (especially our children) before their wired circuitry gets unraveled and disaster strikes. We need to raise a generation of young people with healthy brains. It will take a generation to do it, but it will be worth it as long as it can sustain itself for future generations.   

What doctors have known for many years is that certain parts of the brain hold different types of cognitive responses. What they can’t see, is how the complexities of the everyday life of a person suffering from the spectrum of mental illness can cause abnormal behavior. So what are we supposed to do when some of the tools available are broken and ineffective as well? How do we fix the reality of worry and anxiety living invisibly inside of an unhealthy brain? While I’m at it, let me throw hatred, anger, and inability to love and trust into the mix. Worry is a component of anxiety and the proper tools to fix them and a host of other life’s complexities, lie within a wasteland of a shattered mental health system that is unwilling to fix itself. You can’t fix a brain until you fix the environment holding it hostage. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that if you or someone you know is suffering from this unrelenting malaise of symptoms, there is a cure. It just takes time, hard work, and success will only come in “stages”. Remember, the end result relies on a wide and diffused spectrum of determination. One thing to never forget. Start treating your brain like you would treat your mother, your children, and your friends. Fill it with love, hope, and kindness.

Medical providers leave out the most important “unprescribed” and easiest to gain access to medicine (that’s been available for centuries).. the healing power of God. He created the brain and he knows what it needs to heal itself, and he holds our genes, molecules, cells, and the receptors of life.

One thing to never forget. No two people are the same, and the cause for human connectedness is far greater than our differences. Until I finish my book, please start treating your brain like you would treat your mother, your family, and your best friend. Begin the practice of filling your head with daily thoughts of love, hope, kindness, and God — the great programmer of the infinite truth.


This Is The Place

This is the place;

Where the seasons that are four remind us that we sit at the threshold of natures magnificent door

Where rivers, lakes, ponds, and trails, wait patiently for our return 

Where life is good again once the clouds roll by

Where roads and sidewalks lead us to places we call our destiny 

Where there are speed bumps and speed limits, but no limits to what we can do together   

Where there will be no more wasted days or nights, 

Where neighbors count more than just a number on a house

Where we can wake up to nature’s alarm clock and stay out until the cows come home

Where the days add up by counting our blessings,

Where children no longer live in the shadows, but with their heads held high to the sky

Where the lights, tinsel, and gently falling snowflakes of Christmas, take the child that lives 

within us on a sleigh ride down Memory Lane

Where we can celebrate normal everyday

Where we don’t listen to what the doubters say

Where we put our roots down deep and watch things grow, 

Where life is as good as gold, with an abundance of things that can’t be bought nor sold

Where we put our hands to the sky to reach closer to someone who we’ve lost 

Where the things that really matter will always matter

Where wings that fly don’t just belong to Tinker Bell or the birds of the sky  

Blessings everyone.

The Power of One

There are many kinds of pressures that are applied today, to get people to join the “majority of numbers”… to get them to move in a specific direction. There also exists the pressure of appearance, where one who “looks” differently or “sounds” different, is made out to seem foolish or “out of step” with the times.

Then comes the pressure of dogma, where one who thinks differently is made to look and feel like a heretic treading on long-established sacred vows. The pressure of “force”, where one who remains faithful to their own “voice”, begins to feel endangered by doing so through the loss of relationships, work, and financial support. There also exists the pressure of moral conflict—in which those who hold different views from oneself feel equally strongly about the moral integrity and depth with which they hold dear to them. 

The last and most difficult kind of pressure is for a majority of one to contend with are moral truths. 

For moral truths come in many sizes and temperaments, requiring great clarity and great love to see that others who hold different perspectives may also hold a “portion” of the truth, yet be different from oneself.

In the end, a “majority of one” is not an isolated individual, but one who is committed to the future of humanity and seeks to improve that future in whatever ways are possible. This can only occur through the commitment to a way of thinking and feeling that influences the consciousness of others by its very strength and depth, and by the force of its own truth. 

For this reason, it is up to each of us who cares about the future of humanity to live as a majority of one. A single voice of vision and integrity, that exists within the larger majority of numbers. Such a voice arises out of spiritual depth.

With a firm conscience, it continually pursues the deepening of truth and understanding through the seeking of clarity; and through an ongoing effort to align with the source of all truth.

Americas Flag, Revisited.

There seems to be an unwillingness to understand why it’s necessary to commit one’s loyalty to a flag.

To understand the importance of this homage, we must first understand its symbolism

Originally the symbol and banner of the thirteen colonies, its form, and colors, were not chosen on the basis of rational thought. Its form and colors were chosen of an intuition infused by truth and guidance, which led to the correlation between the people, and the flag that America came to call her own.

It was on the intention that the founders of this great nation, that its citizens, be ordained the watchful and guiding eye over its destiny. At the time of her birth, America’s flag was simply bands of red and white, and a circle of stars against a background of blue. Yet, in its simplicity, lay a depth of meaning and purpose. The red is emblematic of the blood, that was shed in the war that led to the establishment of our independent republic. The white stripes that accompany the red, signifies the higher realms of purpose that connect mankind. Finally, the blue background against which the stars are placed is a symbol of the eternal being of God.

It represents the Infinite, out of which both America’s identity and the earth itself have been constructed. The blue that represents America’s relationship to God, remains as the assurance that this connection will never change no matter what ideology becomes popular.

It’s why “In God, We Trust” is written on all of her currency, and why in so many other instances, the connection with the eternal has been enunciated as part of America’s most transcendent document. The stars on the blue background identify the composite image showing the many changes from thirteen original colonies, to now representing the much vaster size of fifty states. The number of stars in the original pattern was shaped in the form of a circle, a symbol of unity.

This flag of America is the hallmark of her sacred heart. Her soul is a nation whose spiritual name is love.  

The debate over who made the first American flag may go on forever, but in any case, the Stars and Stripes were finally flown for the first time in September 1777 during the Revolutionary War.

The cost of a flag today is minimal; the value of its true spiritual worth will forever remain incalculable.

Vulnerability, the last thing I want you to see is the real me.

We are living in a world that to some of us seems to be a world without connection. I am not referring to the world of being connected by technology, but the world of being connected to each other. My belief is that we are neo-biologically wired to feel connected to one another, but there is one major reason we deny that wonderfully human emotion called love to grow, and that is — vulnerability.

With all this “data without a soul” we seem to seek every day, our perception of if you can measure it, it does not exist, allows us to become disconnected from each other and prevents us from being human.

Life is messy, love it anyway
Don’t jump into discomfort, lean into it
Have the courage to be imperfect
Connection is why we are here, it gives real meaning to our lives
We believe we are worthy of love but fear that we are not worthy of connection
Find that compassion to be kind to yourself first — then you can be kind to others
As a result of our own authenticity, we will gain a compassionate connection to others around us
Fully embrace “vulnerability”, believe that what makes you vulnerable —  also makes you beautiful
Revealing all that we are is not comfortable, but it is necessary. Without it you can never be the “real” you 
Letting someone in so far they could hurt you, will allow them to give you everything
Vulnerability is the willingness to say I love you “first” —  with no guarantees of receiving it back 
We try to numb our vulnerability, but we can’t selectively “unfeel” our emotions
There are no assurances in life, but let yourself be seen, and love with an open heart
Being unprotected is the birthplace of love, life, joy, and belonging to God

I am empty, come and fill my soul with who you are. I am at a loss for words, but in my silence still hear me.

But most of all — believe that you are enough…

“Patriot” – The true meaning

There is a word that needs to circulate more within America to establish the credibility and morality of those who should claim it. The word is “Patriot”. Those of us who claim to be patriots are proud of this allegiance to which we ascribe.

It is considered to be aligned to what is morally right. Such things as a moral value, goodness, kindness, and courage to seek the truth, lie deep within the conscience of a patriot.

Much of the meaning of the word patriot belongs solely to those who honor its true meaning, and does not belong to those who disagree. Today this exclusion of others not considered to be patriotic seems to play a role in polarizing the American way of life today. If we are to move forward we all need to move toward the true meaning of patriotism.

We must build on what it means to be a patriot which has become to be a variety of things to different people. Some attributes are stronger in some individuals than in others. Some of the things that the word patriot has come to include:

  • Love for one’s country
  • Willingness to defend her
  • Understanding and commitment to the ideals upon which she was founded
  • Desire to rectify the mistakes that were made in the past
  • Commitment to obey with respect the founding documents
  • Faithfulness to the constitution

Although we may disagree with these principles and the practices of past and present governments, we must respect everyone’s point of view. America is not one thing, but many things. Patriotism is not one thing, but many things.

Trust and belief in the good that lies within all Americans will re-establish her might. Love for America has many colors and we must join together to work toward a common good.

The new dawn blooms as we free it. For there is always light if only we’re brave enough to see it, if only we’re brave enough to be it. Hope is the last thing ever lost. 

Seabiscuit – American Horse Of The Year 1938

There is a distinct similarity between the lack of hope that existed in 1938 during the Great Depression, and the lack of hope that exists in the United States today. Back then, a horserace changed everything.

It was a match race between the undersized Thoroughbred Seabiscuit against the mighty thoroughbred War Admiral who was considered a shoo-in to win Triple Crown. by 4 gaping lengths. A great example that life sometimes seems like a horse race, where we always seem to be racing to our own finish line.

Seabiscuit didn’t look like much-small in stature, inauspicious, and the butt of stable jokes. He did however possess the heart of a champion that held the hope of the sea of humanity that watched the race that day at Pimlico from both sides of the track. Forty thousand hopeful Americans and millions all over the globe were glued to the radio.

This one event was the most electrifying and popular event in sports history in 1938, making it the most popular news story of that day ahead of FDR, Hitler, and Mussolini.

What happened at that racetrack that day was not supposed to happen. War Admiral, one of the quickest break-away horses of his day, was supposed to take the early lead and finish the race with Seabiscuit only getting a glimpse of Admiral’s hindquarters. Instead, it was Seabiscuit who took the early lead and when they were neck and neck in the home stretch, the famed jockey George Woolf took the lead knowing Seabiscuit would not yield his destiny.

He turned and looked back at the heavily War Admiral and coined the iconic phrase “so long Charlie”. Seabiscuit would not yield his destiny. It was his heart that took him across the finish line by four gaping lengths.

Seabiscuit secured the hope for all Americans that even a small person can overcome the odds and skepticism of the few, and find the heart and endurance to win the big race. Maybe today we will need another great horse race to bring us the hope we need because it seems a Presidential race will not foster the leadership that will lead us to the finish line as the immortal Seabiscuit did.

Today it seems more like a neck-and-neck “rat race”. 

Our own destiny will show if we are winners.

“Connection” – Essentially Human

In a world full of disconnected, isolated, and fearful people, what could possibly be more gratifying than knowing how to form healthy relationships and establishing deeper connections?

First.. we must know who we are, believe in ourselves, and know where we want to lead. We need to have confidence in ourselves, in order to connect with others. We all know the comforting feeling when we are physically embraced. When we are told that we are loved, feeling heard, emotionally understood, and supported by another human being. We all want to know that someone cares. 

Human connection is an energy exchange between people who are paying attention to one another with the power to sustain deeper moments, inspire change, and build trust. Social connection is a feeling of closeness to others while belonging to a group that strengthens a core psychological need essential to being satisfied with your life. At the very root of most of our desires is a deep sense of love and belonging; an irresistible need of all people to understand themselves better.  Connection— It’s old, it’s new, it’s what’s happening!

Give it your all and you’ll never be alone.