Now What?

Now What?

Most major events, good and bad, come on the heels of gigantic media blitzes that far more often than not put people in a frenzy. We are left searching for answers to origin, meaning, morality, and destiny. These fundamental words need answers to understand why we are here, how we managed to become human, and what life is all about. The Super Bowl, Christmas, Presidential elections, and the recent Solar Eclipse, are only a few examples of how quickly we “change our tune” about meaning after the media “hoopla” has subsided. The very next day we focus on the shocking news stories that stomp out everything worth thinking about and participating in — only because we allow it.

Spending too much time in anticipation of these events won’t allow our brains a much-needed “time out” to organize our thoughts to determine teh intangible things that are of most importance. We must face this dilemma head-on with eyes wide open before it’s too late to turn things around. We can’t allow negative thoughts or events to replace the spirituality and common sense needed for the survival of our species. We need to learn how to “filter out the bad news” and allow the good thoughts to live in the “present.” Over time and with practice, our positive thoughts will outnumber the negative and become “persuasive”, then “ubiquitous.”  

COVID sent shock waves of fear, mistrust, and disconnection deep into our psyche. The same chain of events happened during the Great Depression, WWII, and 9/11. The difference is that during and after those times of extreme hardships, people didn’t run scared, they came together. They reconnected to each other along with everything good and they were brought up to believe in and rebuilt all that had been lost. Together they made America better and stronger.  Then, in the ’60s, we began to unravel again, and it had nothing to do with major disasters. This time we began to leave the God we worshiped and the very structured code of morality by which we lived behind us.

At the same time, many young people became disrespectful to family values, while many people tried to “keep up with the Joneses,” all while living beyond their means. Then the ’70s came along, bringing with it sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Then came disco and ponytails. Then we blew a fuse, and when the smoke cleared, nobody seemed to care, and that’s when we began spiraling out of control. The disconnection slowly impregnated us while digging in its heels of anger, discontent, hatred, overly suspicious minds, while at the same time leaving God to hang alone on the cross.

So today, we must ask ourselves, what are we going to do with the rest of our lives? Until we change “ourselves” and come together as one, we can’t even begin to think about how we can save our great nation one more time. That’s if we even care about our ancestors who gave their lives for the freedom we so arrogantly shove aside for our pleasures.

This is not a frivolous decision, it’s a serious one that only you can make. It’s your choice to connect to a deeper self, regain the beliefs you once had and misplaced, and make a difference in the world around you while you still have the time. If not for us then for the future of our children. “Connection changes everything and our struggles are worth the struggle.”

Blessings my cherished friends,

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  • Naomi

    What a wonderful message for us all! I’ve always thought that the news media is responsible for most of the chaos in this country. Social media has magnified it even more. We need to practice reconnection at home, amongst our friends and most of all, with our children. The future depends on the next generation being prepared and willing to carry on. I demand respect at home and it has carried on to the “outside “ world. I can honestly say that I am proud of my children and grandchildren and their ability to not only demand respect, but to expect! We get out of life only what we put into it.

  • Alyssa McCombie

    seriously tho the world has gotten so chaotic with the media already and it was already bad enough with the problems before all of us (gen z, millennial) like the great depression sent people so far don to themselves it was really sad to see it in history class. hopefully one day this world will become better for the people and for the environment we so need to cherish.

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